Installing new technology or making alterations to your home can sometimes feel daunting: weighing up the upheaval and cost against the benefits. The good news for people planning to install a new home lift is the process, at Home Lift Experts, is simple and convenient compared with most home improvements, but also there are so many benefits of adding a lift to the home which can bring real value for money.

Here at the Home Lift Experts, we look at the top reasons our customers love their home lifts.

Easy does it

Modern home lifts are built with ease-of-use at front of mind. For those who find climbing the stairs difficult, the prospect of being transported to the upper level of their home at the touch of a button is like magic. No longer does the journey upstairs feel daunting, and the home is once again fully accessible to everyone who lives there. Home lifts can improve your quality of life.

Independent living

One of the most obvious reasons older people love their domestic lift is the independence to stay in their own homes longer. For those living alone, or even for older couples, the risk of a fall on the stairs can be a concern which might lead to needing to move home or into care. By reducing that risk, and making moving around the home as safe and simple as possible, older people can enjoy staying in their own home for longer. Home lifts are also considered safer than stairlifts.

Let the lift take the strain

Most customers choose to install domestic lifts with the sole idea of using it to move people between floors. However, once they are living with the lift many lift-owners find that they use it for so much more. Top uses are help with daily chores like moving bulky washing loads around the home, or more occasionally carrying luggage between floors saving the strain of heavy lifting on the stairs.

Remove the worry

A huge benefit of having a home lift in the home is the reassurance it offers. Older people who are generally fit and well, and people with mild mobility conditions enjoy having the option of using their domestic lift should they have a short-term need or flare up which might make using the stairs a temporary problem. All customers have the security of knowing that should mobility get more difficult over time they can continue using their home with ease which is why home lifts are great for future-proofing. The comfort of knowing the lift is there can dramatically reduce worries about future logistics.

A centrepiece to be proud of

Modern domestic lifts use state-of-the-art design and technology to be a stylish and aesthetic addition to the home; a boast which is rarely made of other mobility equipment. Although most lift models are designed to be easily fitted into discreet locations around a property, many customers choose to put their lift in pride of place – in the hallway, or main living space – simply because it is such a beautiful addition to the home.

With a wide range of features to choose from customers can make sure the lift they select is just right for them. Whether it is attractive downlights, light and airy transparent panels, or a fully customisable lift which can be tailored perfectly to complement the home, customers can be sure to choose a lift they will love. Click here to find out how much a home lift costs.

Great for guests

A home lift not only benefits those who live in the home. Often customers love how their lift makes their home accessible for when others with mobility needs come to visit. Those with elderly parents, or guests who might use wheelchairs or walking aids enjoy the knowledge that their home is suitable for their visitors’ needs. What is more welcoming to a guest than a house in which they can move with ease?