The affordable Stiltz Home Lift, designed for everyday living.

The Stiltz Home Lift is the ideal alternative to a stairlift; affordable, attractive and discreet. It isn’t boxy like other domestic lifts for the home, instead it is compact yet spacious and can carry either two or three people, depending on the model you select.

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What makes the Stiltz Home Lift so great.

A Stiltz Home Lift is freestanding, it doesn’t need to be bolted to a load-bearing wall as it runs on self-supporting vertical rails which are fixed top and bottom. Simply ingenious!

Smallest footprint

A remarkably small footprint; just over a metre wide and only 74cm deep.

Low power consumption

Runs off a standard domestic power point and uses less energy than a toaster!

Quiet when running

An electric motor means a Stiltz Home Lift is one of the quietest domestic lifts there is.

Installs quickly

A typical installation of our compact home lift is completed within a single day.


The unique technology means the domestic lift runs on vertical rails and is self-supporting.

Integrated drive system

The lift’s motor is neatly and efficiently housed out of sight at the top of the lift car.

Flexible lift car

Multiple body options; solid-sided lift car, clear sided or a thru-car configuration to enter/exit from opposite sides. Two sizes available to take a maximum of either 2 or 3 persons.

Standard Retrofit

This is our most popular configuration, the home lift will travel between a downstairs room such as a living room with the domestic lift arriving upstairs, typically in a master bedroom.

Stairwell Void
Stairwell Void/Landing

Where there is enough room in the turn of a staircase, this positioning option makes use of the dead space in the void making the Stiltz Home Lift even more unobtrusive.

Cupboard to Cupboard
Cupboard to Cupboard

Thanks to the compact nature of the Stiltz Home Lift, you can choose to have your domestic lift completely hidden by installing it inside an airing cupboard or wardrobe.

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling
Sloping/vaulted ceilings

Our vertical rails need to fix to a horizontal surface. But do not worry if you have a vaulted ceiling. Stiltz building teams can provide subtle solutions to overcoming pitched roof installations.


If you are looking to get from your garage safely into your home we can build a simple shaft around your Stiltz Home Lift to take into account health and safety considerations.


Unique to Stiltz domestic lifts is the Thru-Car concept. Enter and exit through opposite sides of the lift car – ideal for wheelchair users or for home lifts built into a stairwell void.

Stiltz Duo Stiltz Trio
Drive Roped drum, braked gear motor drive Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
Power Supply 220 – 240v AC | 5 Amps 220 – 240v AC | 5 Amps
Maximum Load 170kg | 27st | 375lb (2 persons standing or 1 person sitting) 220kg | 35st | 485lbs
Maximum Travel 4 Metres 4 Metres
Entrance Security Full height light curtain / motion sensor – optional full height door Full height light curtain / motion sensor – optional full height door
Maximum Speed 15cm / Second 12cm / Second
Warranty 12 months parts and labour warranty. One service included. 12 months parts and labour warranty. One service included.
Compliance European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & Australian Standard 1735 Part 15 European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & Australian Standard 1735 Part 15
Rope Diameter 6mm Galvanized steel rope 6mm Galvanized steel rope
Additional Sensors Out-of-balance & overload, overspeed detection and light curtain Out-of-balance & overload, overspeed detection and light curtain
Lighting Type 2 x 3w LED downlights 4 x 3w LED downlights
Landing Call Stations 2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility (3 x standard AAA batteries in each) 2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility (3 x standard AAA batteries in each)
Installation Typical installation takes 1 day Typical installation takes 2 days
Operation Hold-to-run controls Hold-to-run controls
Configuration Single entry or double entry / thru-car Single entry or double entry / thru-car


To receive more information on the Stiltz product range either by post or email, please complete this form.


It is recommended that your Stiltz Home Lift is serviced once a year by approved technicians. Your first service is included free and on subsequent years we will contact you when the optional service is due.


The Stiltz Home Lift comes with 12 months’ parts and labour warranty. It is possible to extend this warranty for up to five years at a time within the initial warranty period or once the initial warranty has expired. Extended warranty is provided at reasonable cost to ensure customer peace of mind.

Why should I buy a home lift rather than a stairlift?

There are many reasons why a home lift is more beneficial than a stairlift. You can position it anywhere, it is discreet, safe to use, quiet and far more attractive. You can move heavy items such as luggage and washing from floor to floor using your home lift and it adds value to your home too.

Who buys home lifts?

Anyone who needs to move between floors in their home, whether they are elderly, have disabilities or those who just find the stairs difficult to manage.

How much does a home lift cost?

The cost of the home lift depends on which model you buy, how much additional building work is needed and where it is positioned in your home. Our surveyors carry out a detailed inspection of your property and work with you to determine the best place to site your lift.

Does the home lift use much power?

No! The surprising thing about a Stiltz Home Lift is that it plugs directly into a standard domestic powerpoint and uses less energy than a toaster.

What happens if there is a power cut?

The lift will detect when the power fails and automatically lower the lift down to its starting point. There is an option to purchase an uninterruptable power supply pack which will enable the home lift to run as normal during a power outage.

Is the home lift noisy?

Compared to a standard, domestic through-floor lift, a home lift is exceptionally quiet as it uses an electric motor – housed in the lift car’s roofspace – rather than hydraulics.

How messy is the installation?

Stiltz Home Lifts are installed by the company’s own highly trained teams. This means they will always keep mess and disruption to a minimum. Most installations are straightforward and simply involve the cutting of a ceiling aperture through which the lift will travel, and occasionally the adding of a powerpoint.

Is there anywhere special the home lift needs to go?

The beauty of this freestanding home lift is that it isn’t constrained by the need to be fixed to a loadbearing wall. Because it travels on its own rails, the lift can be positioned almost anywhere in the home.

How safe is the home lift?

Safety is a paramount concern. Each Stiltz lift has sensors top and bottom and will stop immediately if the lift car encounters an obstruction. If a customer choses the half door option, a safety light curtain is installed which will stop the lift car if it is breached. This mean there is no risk of injury while the lift is moving.

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