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Five Ways to Live More Sustainably at Home

The interest in finding ways to live more sustainably has skyrocketed recently, and with the extreme temperatures in the UK put down to climate change, the need to make our lifestyles more ‘green’ is only going to increase. For many of us, knowing where to begin our...

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How To Show Parents That You Still Care In Later Life

It is a strange shift when parents move into their older stages of life and the balance of who looks after who changes. Adults – who were once the children, and for years relied on our parents to look after them and to make all the decisions  – can now find ourselves...

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Amazing Features Found in Modern Home Lifts

Modern home lift manufacturers apply the latest technology and engineering to make them as safe, practical, and easy to use as possible. In recent years domestic lifts have gone from loud, bulky and expensive mobility devices to the sleek, elegant and affordable...

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When in the family life cycle is a home lift most use?

Home lifts are ever growing in popularity, and contrary to popular belief customers are from all stages of life. Some would assume that, like the traditional stairlift, only those older people at the point of crisis with their mobility would choose to install a...

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Where Can I Install a Home Lift?

One of the benefits of modern domestic lifts is the versatility of where they can be installed around the home. Different home lifts have varying installation requirements, and the knowledgeable professionals at Home Lift Experts are perfectly placed to work with...

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Home Lift Experts: Spotlight on Aritco Home Lifts

Customers looking to choose the right home lift may find it difficult to know which will suit their property, lifestyle, needs and budget. At Home Lift Experts, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals work with customers to help them find the perfect elevator...

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Home Lift Experts: Spotlight on Lifton Home Lifts

With a huge array of domestic lifts on the market it can be difficult for customers to know which one to choose. At Home Lift Experts, we use our knowledge and experience to find the perfect lift for each customer, taking into account their preferences, needs and...

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Home Lift Experts: Spotlight on Stiltz Lifts

At Home Lift Experts, we help our customers find the perfect home lift for their personal needs, type of property and budget, tailoring our recommendations to each customer’s unique requirements. Here, we look in more detail at one domestic lift manufacturer which...

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The latest home lifts have been designed using state-of-the-art technology to make them practical and affordable for almost every home. Customers choose a domestic lift because they are discreet, compact, and elegant and fit into the décor of the most beautifully...

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