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Home Lift Experts: Spotlight on Stiltz Lifts

At Home Lift Experts, we help our customers find the perfect home lift for their personal needs, type of property and budget, tailoring our recommendations to each customer’s unique requirements. Here, we look in more detail at one domestic lift manufacturer which...

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The latest home lifts have been designed using state-of-the-art technology to make them practical and affordable for almost every home. Customers choose a domestic lift because they are discreet, compact, and elegant and fit into the décor of the most beautifully...

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Five Reasons Younger People are Investing in Home Lifts

Traditionally it has been older generations who look to install domestic lifts within their homes, although current trends show that this is now starting to change, with a reported uplift of younger customers investing in these types of products. This increase appears...

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5 Reasons A Home Lift is Better Than a Stairlift

When mobility declines for any reason – be that age, illness or an accident - and access around the home becomes difficult, the stairs are notoriously the most problematic area of the house. If climbing the stairs is impossible or dangerous the whole of the upstairs...

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How to Introduce Light into Your House with a Home Lift

When looking for a new house, most homeowners consider how light a house is to be a key decider in whether to buy or not. Feeling connected with the outdoors is increasingly important to some people, and having a home filled with natural light reflects that need. Not...

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How to Make More of Your Home with Dual-Purpose Rooms

A number of homeowners might not be making the most of the property in which they live. Often, this is down to not having full access to all the rooms and floors because of mobility difficulties due to age or disability. But this is also to do with smaller homes...

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Why Installing A Home Lift Is Better Than Moving House

All too often homeowners assume that with age, and in particular having difficulty with the stairs, results in the inevitable upheaval of moving house; either to single storey bungalow or apartment. However, with the advances in technology installing a home lift has...

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What Home Lift Experts Can Do For You

As more homeowners are realising the benefits of installing a home lift, the number of lifts available on the market is growing. With increased choice, it can be difficult to know which product is right for you, when as well as your own requirements you need to take...

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Why Older People Love Their Home Lifts

Installing new technology or making alterations to your home can sometimes feel daunting: weighing up the upheaval and cost against the benefits. The good news for people planning to install a new home lift is the process, at Home Lift Experts, is simple and...

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