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Home Lifts: Why ‘Value’ is as Important as Price

Home Lift Experts is a trusted comparison site for domestic home lifts because we understand the importance of comparing value as well as price. To ensure that you get the right return on your investment and the best home lift for your lifestyle, our domestic lift...

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Five Reasons Why Home Lifts Are Preferred Over Stairlifts

Promoting Independence Independence is a simple concept. At its most basic level, it means having full autonomy over one’s own life. Having a home lift installed is revolutionary for anyone who requires daily assistance from a family member or carer. A domestic lift...

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Five Benefits of a Wheelchair Lift

A lift in the home can hugely enhance the quality of life for wheelchair users providing them with the freedom and flexibility to move around their house independently. Here at the Home Lift Experts, we take a look at the five main benefits of installing a wheelchair...

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Ten Surprising Locations for a Home Lift

At Homelift Experts we advise a wide range of homeowners on the right home lift for their home and needs – now and the future. Our customers are frequently surprised by the domestic lift options available for their home. Often the lift and placement for installation...

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Thinking about a Home lift? Your Questions Answered

Can we afford it a home lift? When the time has come to consider a home lift, for many people it is a case of whether to carry on struggling with the stairs for a bit longer or find an alternative solution. Whilst some solutions may be cheaper, such as a stairlift, an...

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Differences between Domestic Lifts and Commercial Lifts

1.Usage and Capacity Domestic Lift: Domestic lifts, as the name suggests, are primarily designed for residential applications. They are created to provide convenience and accessibility within private homes. These lifts typically have a lower load capacity, ranging...

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How To Choose The Right Home Lift?

Experience the future of accessibility and convenience at your fingertips when you decide to invest in a home lift. However, before you unlock a world of possibilities for your home and your lifestyle, at Home Lift Experts, many customers ask us how do they know which...

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Five Safety Features Included In a Home Lift

Home lifts are designed using leading technology and innovative design. Some are a discrete and elegant addition to the home, working seamlessly with any décor including smooth operation and an almost soundless mechanism. These home lifts are beautifully made and...

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