A lift in the home can hugely enhance the quality of life for wheelchair users providing them with the freedom and flexibility to move around their house independently.

Here at the Home Lift Experts, we take a look at the five main benefits of installing a wheelchair lift in a property for residence use.


For anyone with a disability or any condition which means they require a wheelchair, the stairs can be very challenging and maybe hazardous. Many wheelchair users will often need to travel up and down the stairs on their bottom which can be exhausting with a serious risk of accident or fall. Having a wheelchair lift installed can make life a great deal easier and, more importantly, give the user their independence back.

With a domestic lift in place there does not need to be anymore reliance on family members or other potentially dangerous solo trips to help the individual cope with the stairs and enjoy their home to the full. The lift is designed to allow the user to live safely without the risk of falls or injuries. There are also no limitations which alternative products such as stairlifts as a home lift allows the person to be in complete control.


Many modern wheelchair lifts are compact enough that they do not take up a lot of square footage in their home but are spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Gone are the days of disability-style lifts that look more like they belong in a medical setting. Now many manufacturers of wheelchair lifts design their lifts to a high specification and quality finish.

Lifts can either be positioned to take centre stage in a home or, depending on the size of the property, can be subtly tucked away in a corner of a room or hallway. Nowadays there are not the restrictions on positioning the domestic lift in the home as there was before, so the options are, in some cases, almost limitless.


Many disability lifts on the market can be extremely noisy which can be very off-putting for homeowners who are considering investing in a home lift. However, as with design, modern domestic lifts have been massively updated from a technology standpoint too.

Modern wheelchair lifts, in fact, can make less noise than lifts of yesteryear and many stairlifts too – in fact they are considered ‘whisper quiet’. This makes investing in a lift for the home an even easier decision to make because gliding between floors with minimal noise and fuss means it is even less disruptive to the user’s lifestyle and other members of the family who may live in the same house.

Safety & Comfort

Choosing a home wheelchair lift solution that prioritises the safe and comfortable transition between floors is key for peace of mind. A home wheelchair lift should be exceptionally easy to use and to operate. Look for a lift that offers a smooth ramp in, simple controls at the correct level, smooth travel experience and an airy and light cabin.

Some lifts such as the Stiltz Trio offer a thru car experience which, meaning the wheelchair user can enter and exit from both sides of the lift, meaning no awkward manoeuvres or reversing out when you reach your destination.


The days when a wheelchair lift looked more at home in a hospital environment are over. These days wheelchair lifts are designed specifically for use in the home, which affects everything from their design at inception, to size, choice of materials and ability to fit into many different areas of the home.

At Home Lift Experts we can recommend a wide range of wheelchair lifts depending on the need and how the homeowner lives. Some offer fully transparent cabins which allow natural daylight to flood through, others come in modules and are built up into place, meaning low doorways and narrow corridors are no obstacle ahead of installation day.