Home Lift Experts is a trusted comparison site for domestic home lifts because we understand the importance of comparing value as well as price.

To ensure that you get the right return on your investment and the best home lift for your lifestyle, our domestic lift partners are selected based on quality, timelessness, functionality, versatility and design. We also look at customer reviews.

Priding ourselves in our customer service, when the time comes to choose your lift, you can call our team of our experts who are ready to talk you through everything you would like to know about installing a domestic lift and make recommendations which suit your unique requirements.

Here are the five main areas of value that we can walk you through when supporting your decision-making journey: –

  1. Utility and Functionality

At Home Lift Experts, we compare non-hydraulic home lifts as they are the best suited to domestic settings due to the many benefits they offer in the home.

These styles of residential lifts typically have a modest footprint, are discrete and require minimal building work. One of our providers, Stiltz Homelifts, has a fantastic design which allows their lift to travel on its own self-supporting rails, meaning no load bearing wall is required. The lift is also powered by a very small, discreet motor tucked away inside the lift, which means no extra space for a separate machine room is required.

How a lift works, or its ‘functionality’ is so important to customers in terms of value because it affects where it can be installed. Lifton Home Lifts, another of our providers, offer a slim, capsule shaped domestic home lift which is extremely versatile in where it can be located inside the home. The lift can slot neatly into the corner of a room, meaning you can still install a home lift, even if you are tight on floorspace. The lifts are also very quiet in motion and offer a transparent cabin meaning natural light floods into a room.

  1. Quality

Value is intrinsically linked to the level of excellence or superiority in the characteristics of each product we compare. This includes factors such as durability, reliability, and performance, which contribute to a home lift’s overall worth, beyond price considerations.

Many of ranges of lifts have won awards, and with good reason. Safety and adhering to the highest standards are critical. All domestic lifts selected for our comparison site include key quality features as standard. You can expect to see obstruction sensors, safety lids (strong enough to stand on and you can place your original flooring on top to blend in!), key switch operation (isolates the lift if the need arises) and ‘hold to run’ controls putting the user in complete control.

In terms of value, we also look for high design quality, including an excellent all over finish, clean lines and the lift has to blend naturally in a home environment.  Warranties are also important as they give our customers confidence in the robustness and longevity of each home lift.

  1. Emotional Impact

Value extends beyond tangible features to incorporate the emotional feeling or meaning that something holds for someone. This could include sentimental value, nostalgia, or the feelings of happiness or satisfaction derived from its use or ownership.

Before choosing a home lift provider, we consider the customer satisfaction level that can be found through a brand’s case studies, success stories and customer reviews.

When we find customers saying that their home lift has transformed their lives, given them back their confidence and independence or saying that they do not know what they would do without it now, we believe that indicates a sure indication of happiness and shows how much that lift means to them. It means a lift for the home has effectively improved their quality of life.

  1. Convenience

Value for our customers also means the ease, comfort, or convenience that their through the floor lift offers in terms of them saving time, effort, or resources. This becomes clear through domestic lift features such as

accessibility, user-friendliness and streamlining of processes – such as ultra-simple user controls.

Most lifts can also be used day and night for example, thanks to its soft LED downlights. Some of our lift providers offer domestic lifts which can carry three passengers or a standard sized wheelchair.

We also choose partners who have taken into account what makes the lift extra convenient such as ones that offer a ‘through way’ option that completely eliminates awkward manoeuvres, as the user can enter and exit from both sides. These type of modern wheelchair lifts also includes a gently sloping ramp as standard.

  1. Environmental or Ethical Considerations

Value can be characterised by the positive impact or alignment with personal values, such as sustainability, ethical production practices, or social responsibility. This aspect reflects a growing awareness of the broader implications of consumption beyond immediate benefits.

The home lift providers we work with are constantly innovating and progressive in their research and development teams. Some lifts plug straight into a standard household power socket, using no more power than an ordinary domestic kettle or toaster.