What is a Home Lift?

A ‘home lift,’ also known as a domestic lift or through floor lift, is a home lift installed in a domestic residence.

Thanks to new technology, home lifts are no longer a luxury purchase available to the super-rich and are now a rising trend in the UK. Most households can now enjoy the convenience and practicality of a domestic lift with a stylish design and an affordable price tag.

This new generation of home lift provides homeowners with a simple and easy way of travelling between floors – all at the touch of a button. A through floor lift built with state-of-the-art technology, is quiet, smooth and has a small footprint so no large room is needed to accommodate it.

Types of Home Lift – Technical

The four main types of home lift are hydraulic, vacuum, traction and non-hydraulic, with non-hydraulic lifts now considered to be the superior option for the discerning buyer.


Not only are non-hydraulic lifts a smoother ride using more sophisticated tech, they are more compact, more attractive, and more affordable than the other options.


Hydraulic through floor lifts can be bulky and require a separate pump room, vacuum lifts work on air pressure, pumps and turbines, and traction lifts use a mechanism which can offer a bumpy ride. Each of these types of elevator can be more costly than the non-hydraulic option, which is recent years has benefitted from a huge development in the technology used.

Types of Home Lift – Design

There are actually many types and styles of domestic lift on the market, a far cry from a few years ago when home lifts were very clinical in appearance and were more suited to a medical environment than your living space.

 Home lifts can be slim, to fit into the smallest spot in a room, or wide enough to accommodate a regular-sized wheelchair. Users can choose from a full-length door, half height door, seated area inside, telephone point, up to six storey travel function and more.

 Homeowners can even choose the colour from neutrals to completely customised. The interior of a through floor lift can be furnished too from carpet to even hanging small pieces of art. Only one’s imagination is the limit – a domestic lift can blend straight into a home effortlessly.


Traction Domestic Lifts:

Traction lifts are typically more expensive than other types of domestic lift and based on a standard installation could cost between £28,000 and £33,000.

Vacuum Domestic Lifts

Costs for a vacuum lift start from around £28,000.

Hydraulic Domestic Lifts

A basic hydraulic home lift based on a standard installation for a standard through-floor lift is between £23,000 and £28,000.

Non-Hydraulic Domestic Lifts

The non-hydraulic is the Home Lift Experts’ most popular lift type as it has not only experienced the fastest development in terms of its technical features but it is also one of the most affordable and attractive looking through floor lifts. The top three brands requested are Stiltz Home Lifts, Lifton Home Lifts and Artico Home Lifts.

Based on a standard installation, Stiltz Home Lifts has a starting price of around £15,000, Lifton Home Lifts start from £17,000 and Artico Home Lifts from £20,000.

All home lift costs are indicative and are subject to a site survey and individual customers’ exact requirements, but the cost will include all site preparation work and delivery costs.

Benefits of a Home Lift

Benefits of a Home Lift

At the Home Lift Experts, the team has spoken to many hundreds of customers over the years and since the introduction of the new non-hydraulic slimline domestic lifts, most have described their home lifts as ‘life-changing’ and an ideal alternative to a stairlift.

‘Quick to install’, ‘low maintenance’, ‘safe’, ‘space for two people’, ‘travelling up with a beloved pet’, ‘attractive design’ are just some of the comments we had received about installing a home lift.

Here are some of our customer reviews


“Before we had the home lift fitted, my partner Pete had to give me a piggyback upstairs! Not only is this bad for his health, but it’s extremely undignified for me. We did this for nine months until our home lift was installed in January 2019 and it has totally changed my life. I can go to bed when I like, have a bath when I like… my independence is my life and that’s what my home lift has given me.

  • Dani Watts, 31, Wokingham, Berkshire

“I used to have to throw my clothes down the stairs and then try climb over them. There was no way I could carry a washing basket downstairs. I would regularly trip over my washing which was a big worry. Not anymore.”

  • Steve Waller, 64, Rotherham, Yorkshire

“When I am at home, I don’t worry about how to get up and down the stairs, plus I only need one wheelchair. Previously I needed two chairs – one upstairs and one down. Transferring between them was a pain and the continual fear of falling from a wheelchair at the top of the stairs was really preying on my mind and causing me stress and worry. Whereas now I can wheel myself between floors safely and without interruption.”

  • Benjamin Pritchard, 28, a wheelchair user from Ammanford, Wales


    Home Lift Experts Case Studies

    Read the individual stories from Home Lift Experts customers here who describe how and why they needed a domestic lift and how it has improved their lives.

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    Range of Home Lifts at Home Lift Experts

    Stiltz Home Lifts

    The award-winning Stiltz Home Lift is affordable, attractive and quick to install. It is no surprise that this brand is one of the UK market leaders.

    With its compact footprint, it is suitable for even the smallest of residences and can carry two people up one floor in less than 30 seconds. The through floor lift is transparent, allowing natural light to flood into a room and its curved design and neutral colourway are easy on the eye.

    The Stiltz is economical to use and plugs into a normal 13amp power socket – like a regular household appliance. It sits on its own self-supporting structure so there is no need to find a load bearing wall and its motor is housed at the top of the lift, out of sight.

    This home lift is smooth, quiet and a great choice for affordability.

    Lifton Home Lifts

    The Lifton Home Lift is designed to be noticed. Homeowners are drawn to its beautiful exterior and choose to complete their home design with the domestic lift as an enhancement, rather than disguising it.

    It is the perfect lift for the multi-generational household, who prefer to have more than one way to travel between floors.

    A Lifton Home Lift blends form with function and it impresses as much with its look as it does with its technology. Investing in a Lifton through floor lift helps homeowners continue enjoying the home they love and provides the ultimate home lift travel experience.

    Aritco Home Lifts

    The Aritco Home Lift is a fantastic domestic lift which meets the needs of the increasing popularity of the town house, as it can travel up to six floors.

    Engineered with the Scandinavian principle of simple design versus superior functionality, this home lift can be customised to match home style and personality.  

    These high-quality lifts are safe, efficient and cost effective.

    What are the Benefits of Installing a Home Lift?

    There are many key benefits of installing a domestic lift in your home. This includes:

    Increasing numbers of people are choosing to adapt their homes now, so they are ready and prepared for later years. This is called future-proofing. Installing a home lift is an ideal adaptation to make, as from day one it can be used by the whole household and adds a subtle level of convenience and luxury to the home. Unlike stairlifts and grab handles which can be unsightly and cumbersome, a home lift is a smart and neat addition, whilst removing any anxiety about future mobility concerns.

    Sleek appearance
    Modern home lifts are beautiful. One can expect to see sleek and elegant casings, with large transparent panels to create a sense of spaciousness with atmospheric down-lights and high-end finishes. Some makes of through floor lift may be customised to suit your home style. Whatever the style of the home, be it contemporary chic, bohemian or classic, there is a domestic lift to complement the design.

    Add value to your home
    Research shows that installing a through floor lift can actually add value to your home with estate agents noting that buyers are increasingly likely to add a home lift to their wish lists. A well-placed, expertly installed domestic lift gives future owners the benefit of a wholly accessible house, be that for themselves, a young family, or older visiting relatives.

    The joy of a through-floor lift is that it has been designed all the way back at the blueprint stage to be completely versatile. Often built in pieces, low doorframes or tricky manoeuvres are no problem when the lift can be brought into your home in sections and built back up once in situ. Often slim and built on its own self-supporting structure, a home lift can be located almost anywhere. Some even plug straight into a domestic socket, removing the need for extra electrical work. The only building work required is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass smoothly through between floors.

    Forget about moving house
    All too often people think that once they retire, acceptance of single-storey living is inevitable. However, installing a home lift allows homeowners to enjoy living independently in their family home for as long as they choose. Domestic lifts mean that the level of mobility no longer dictates where or how a person moves around their home and keeps them connected to activity in their home rather than isolated to one room.

    Who Uses a Home Lift?

    Independent Senior Living

    As we grow older, the stairs can sometimes become a frustrating barrier to reaching parts of the home. Installing a through floor lift takes away the difficulty, making it safe and easy to get around the home. A domestic lift can be used not only for people, but also for moving heavy or bulky things, such as washing, luggage and boxes which helps to avoid accidents and injury.

    For those with older parents, adding a home lift to their house can help remove the worry of around the safety of the stairs. A domestic lift means elderly parents can continue to enjoy living independently in the home they love, whilst staying safe and comfortable


    If getting up and down the stairs is a struggle due to a medical condition, or somebody is recovering from surgery or the legs just are not what they used to be, installing a home lift can be a life-changing moment.

    A domestic through floor lift allows a homeowner to travel freely and independently upstairs, making the whole house accessible once again with no areas ‘off limits,’ and no need to ask others for help. Some home lifts can be funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant.

    For wheelchair users a home lift is a game changer as it enables them to take their chair with them, rather than having to have one chair upstairs and one downstairs. It also means the user can travel between floors with a laundry basket or a box or anything they need, without having to wait for assistance or worry about a fall.

    Family Life

    From the moment there are children in the house a home lift starts to earn its keep. Whether it is to safely carry a new-born baby, move bulky baby equipment around the home, or make travel more entertaining for toddlers, a lift can take some of the stress out of the busy early years of family life. Equally when the home is full of teenagers a home lift comfortably accommodates two adults and a pet travelling together.


    Where can Domestic Lifts be Installed?

    Room to Room
    This is one of the most common configurations. The lift travels from a hallway to a landing or a living room to a bedroom.

    Cupboard to Cupboard
    With the compact nature of today’s modern home lifts, customers can choose to have their domestic lift completely hidden by installing it inside an airing cupboard or wardrobe, as long as one is located directly above the other and they are the same size.

    For houses built above the garage, having a through floor lift from garage to living space is a great solution.

    Unique to Stiltz and Lifton domestic lifts in particular is the Thru-Car concept. Where the home will not allow access from the same side of the lift on different floors, the Stiltz and Lifton models allow users to enter and exit through opposite sides of the lift car. This is also ideal for wheelchair users, as it saves the need for reversing.

    Multi-Storey, Multiple Lifts
    If your home has several storeys, there are home lifts available which can travel up to six floors, such as the Artico model. Alternatively, the user can opt for multiple home lifts in any location of your choice for maximum convenience.

    A World of Choice
    Think outside of the box with a home lift and a unique solution can be found for any specific needs. Be it conservatory to mezzanine or first floor landing to roof terrace, the possibilities are endless. It is even possible for your through floor lift to travel up the outside of the main building, as long as it is sheltered from the elements.

    About Home Lift Experts

    The team at Home Lift Experts is here to ease customers through the process of buying their home lift. We use our knowledge and experience to give advice and recommend the right size and style of through floor to suit the customer’s home, lifestyle and budget. Home Lift Experts act as one central point of contact throughout the process.

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