If you care for someone who is confined to a wheelchair, or indeed you yourself are in this position, you will know only too well how challenging it can be to continue to be fully independent. The unfortunate reality for many people is that they must depend on others for assistance with their needs, even within the privacy of their own home.

If mobility issues arose later in life, or were brought about suddenly, the home may not accommodate the needs of a wheelchair user as well as it could, which increases the challenges to all involved. Then, the lack of independence felt by the affected individual is compounded by feeling as though they are somewhat of a burden to the loved ones that care for them and assist them with getting around the home.

In a multi-level home this will mean that sleeping arrangements have either had to be relocated to the ground floor, or perhaps a stairlift is used to get from ground to first floor of the house. This, or other ways of tackling the stairs, can be a great cause of worry for family members, who fear that their loved one may get into difficulties when getting on and off their stairlift, or tackling the stairs without help.

The ideal solution, of course, is for the whole house to have suitable wheelchair access, and a home lift could provide the ideal solution. Many people in this situation believe that they could neither accommodate or perhaps afford, such a feature. Understandably, many customers that seek advice from Home Lift Experts suspect that a domestic lift that could fit them and their chair, or perhaps an individual and their carer if needed, would be larger than they could reasonably fit into their living space. However, this really is not the case when you look into some of the contemporary styles of home lift on the market, some of which are designed with precisely this scenario in mind.

Both home lift brands Stiltz and Lifton offer compact domestic lifts aimed at wheelchair users which are safe, easy to use, providing the user with complete independence. If your requirement is to travel between multiple floors, Aritco offer a wheelchair lift that can provide access to up to six floors if needed and provide a wide range of style and aesthetic options for your new lift. This style of lift is contained within the shaft but uses different technology to the through floor style, and continuous pressure to operate. Whilst a popular choice for schools and offices, it is also well suited to those with larger, multi floor homes. There are also Disabled Facilities Grants available.