Different types of lifts for the home

There are a number different types of home lift available on the market. With a couple of exceptions, the majority have been developed using commercial lift technology. The costs of these home lifts reflect both the complexity of the technology and how much work is required in installing the lifts into a home.

Hydraulic-Powered Home Lifts

A hydraulic home lift uses a pump to distribute hydraulic fluid through to a jack which pushes the lift up and down with a piston. The downside of a hydraulic lift is that it takes up a disproportionately large amount of room in addition to which further space is needed for a separate machine room. To add to the longer-term costs, a hydraulic lift has a greater number of consumable elements, and consequently this pushes up the costs of this type of lift in comparison to other variants.

Typical hydraulic home lift cost: £23,000 to £28,000

Traction Home Lifts

A traction domestic lift travels within a shaft using a counterweight and steel cables. A traction lift does not travel as smoothly as other lift types and maintenance costs are comparatively higher as cables need to be replaced every five years.

Typical traction home lift cost: £28,000 to £33,000

Vacuum Home Lifts

A vacuum lift is self-supporting with air pressure differential above and below the lift car allowing it to travel. This style of lift requires no shaft and no pit, however it does require complicated turbines and pumps to create suction and air pressure.

Typical vacuum home lift cost: upwards from £28,000

Electric Home Lifts

Electric home lifts are the lifts which The Homelift Experts recommend for domestic usage. They are quiet, economical and install with minimal disruption. Several of the models can be installed in as little as a single day and are on the whole, much more affordable unless you chose bespoke options which will naturally increase the price. Also because they are so easy to install, then can just as easily be removed and therefore there are more reconditioned models available for those who are working to a tight budget.

Typical electric home lift costs: from £10,000

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