How much does a home lift cost?

The cost of a domestic lift can vary greatly. Basic entry-level home lifts can start at as little as £10,000. But you also need to factor in the cost of preparation of the aperture, the installation work and any making good required after the installation. You should always request a site survey with a technical specialist who can advise on the best location and any necessary additional building work.

Can I rent a home lift?

It is unlikely you can rent a home lift. A home lift is not like a stairlift where you can simply bolt or unbolt it to the stairs, it is a permanent fixture. A domestic lift can be removed, but there is more work involved than removing a stairlift and therefore the costs involved don’t make it viable for rental.

Can I buy a used lift?

Yes, some manufacturers do sell reconditioned home lifts. However, you should always seek professional installation as not doing so may compromise safety and will also invalidate any available warranties.

Are grants available to help me buy a home lift?

The Disabled Facilities Grant is available for those who need to make changes or adaptations to their home in order to continue to live there safely and comfortably with the best possible access options. This includes the installation of a home lift. If you would like to know if you’re eligible, please call our team for more information.

Do I need to pay VAT?

All products sold have VAT applied, however if you suffer from a long-term illness or have a disability exemptions are provided for products which are designed for use by disabled persons or which help you adapt your home for your own use. Call us on 0808 250 3647 for more information on VAT exemption.

For answers to questions relating to individual lift brands, please go to the specific lift brand page.

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