The 3-level Aritco Home Lift. The ultimate bespoke solution.

The Scandinavian principle of simple design balanced with ultimate functionality is the hallmark of every Aritco Home Lift. Your lift should be as unique as your home, and that is why Aritco make it possible to customize the way your lift looks so that it perfectly matches your home’s style and personality.

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What makes the Aritco Home Lift so great.

Tech savvy

An Aritco Home Lift has its own app to help control how the lift looks and performs

Your lift, your style

Interior walls and flooring, lift size, exterior colouring, internal lighting and more

Multi-floor travel

Aritco domestic lifts will travel from anything between two and six floors.

Built for comfort

A domestic lift which is smooth, quiet running with soft start and stop

A unique heritage

A Scandinavian company dedicated to simplicity, quality and innovation.

Economical to run

Uses the same amount of power as a TV or home computer

Fully customisable

Chose how many floors the lift needs to travel, the colour and construction of the walls and ceiling and what size you’d like the footprint to be. Personalise the floor and wall design to match your personality and that of your home. Finish off the look with a choice of lighting and you’re ready to travel in style.

Interior choices

Chose from the dramatic to the calming.

Intuitive controls

Intelligent lift controls at your fingertips

Drive Screw and nut drive system
Maximum Load Up to 400kg in largest size of lift
Maximum Travel 250mm to 15,000mm
Entrance Security SmartSafety door system which senses obstructions
Maximum Speed 15cm / Second
Warranty 12 months parts and labour warranty. Screw and nut assembly covered by 10 year warranty
Compliance European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & EN81-41 accreditation. CE marking
Sizing Available in 5 different sizes
Service intervals 12 months recommended
Lighting Type Lighting strips. Colour can be personalised
Comms system Alarm button connected to autodialer
Installation Installation takes a maximum of 4 days
Operation Central hold-to-run control button
Configuration Customisable multiple entry/exit points

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It is recommended that your Aritco lift is serviced at least once a year by trained Aritco technicians.


Aritco Home Lifts provide an initial 12 months’ parts and labour warranty. The drive assembly which is a screw-/nut system, is covered by a 10 year warranty.

How much does it cost to install an Aritco Home Lift?

Many of customers are surprised when they learn about the actual cost of an Aritco Home Lift. For a typical installation, a home lift costs no more than a new kitchen or bathroom installation. To receive more information, a quotation and a personalised HomeLift plan, please contact us [link]

How much energy does an Aritco Home Lift consume?

The minimum stand-by power consumption is 15 W – no more than a computer or TV. Our lifts are classified as Energy Class A in accordance with VDI 4707.

How much space does an Aritco Home Lift take up?

Aritco Lifts are available in five different sizes, with the smallest being 0.5M2 and the largest 1.54M2

How long does the installation take?

The installation will take a maximum of 4 days. In reality, it is often shorter than this.

How safe is the lift?

All Aritco Lifts have a SmartSafety system which includes many safety features as well as linking directly to an autodialer in event of an emergency. Furthermore, if there is a power failure in your home, the lift will use a back-up battery to descend to the nearest floor.

How often will my lift need servicing?

We recommend a minimum of one service a year. The Aritco SmartLift app will notify you whenever your lift needs maintenance.

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Occasionally, we’d like to send product information, promotions, newsletters and special offers by post or email. If you’d prefer NOT to receive these, please UNTICK the box.

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