Many homeowners are keen to install a home lift either because of their current mobility needs or in order to ‘future proof’ their home, so they will have full access to their entire house should the stairs become too difficult.

New evidence also points to the fact that adding a residential domestic lift to your property can add value to it and make it more likely to be attractive to buyers.

Most often, people who have installed home lifts choose to stay in their home forever, made possible by the easy access to the whole house that a lift gives them. But it is sensible to look at what would happen if a property owner with a lift chose to move house, and why it can add real value to their home.

Estate agents thumbs up

Many estate agents have reported that an increasing number of buyers are adding a home lift to their ‘wish list’ when looking for properties. This shows that far from putting buyers off, having a domestic lift means that a property is open to a much wider selection of people who have seen the benefits that a lift can offer them.

What value does a home lift add to your house for buyers?

A home lift gives a home so much more than access, and future buyers can see that too.

Of course buyers can see that they will benefit from the ability to have access to the whole house if they or a family member have a disability or mobility issue, or that the house will be more accessible to visitors such as elderly parents or friends with disabilities, but that is not where it ends.

A lift can be a big benefit to parents with small children who need to get about the house quickly and easily, or help at times of illness or after an operation. A lift can even be an aid moving furniture or heavy objects from floor to floor. Where people would not necessarily think of installing a lift themselves, moving into a house with a lift can be a plus in ways people had not thought of.

With many of the new generation of home lifts on the market being sleek, smart and attractive, there is one to match any style of home décor, meaning that the right lift, in the right location can add real wow-factor to a home, making it feel luxurious and memorable. A new buyer will see the lift as an enviable feature adding glamour and opulence.

On top of this, having a well installed domestic lift will indicate to any prospective buyer that the home has been adapted as time has gone on showing that it has been loved and looked after, something which estate agents say is top of the list of ‘intangible requirements’ for buyers.

Want to take your lift to another home?

Alternatively, if, having installed a lift in the home, a homeowner needs to move house and wishes to take the lift they have chosen, home lifts can usually be removed, dismantled and reinstalled in another property. Of course, this would mean the house would be returned to its original layout and the value would therefore not be effected, but the owner of the lift would be able to take their lift to their new home, and would still enjoy all the benefits it offered them.