A modern home lift is a surprisingly versatile addition to the home. The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

Lifts which work independently to the main infrastructure of the home are fantastic because they sit within their own operational framework. This means they function without the need for a supporting wall, machine room or an expensive re-design of the electrics or pipework.

Modern lifts – see our domestic lifts buying guide – are slimline with compact footprints and some are modular which makes easy work of low ceilings and doorways and means they can be delivered in modules and built back up into almost any space.

1. Cupboard to Cupboard

If you love the idea of a home lift but you prefer not to have it located within your main entertaining space, most slimline modern domestic lifts will slot efficiently into a cupboard space.

For example, if you have one cupboard on each floor of your home in the same location, a home lift, with its own self-supporting structure, can be built seamlessly into the existing space. This allows you to enjoy all of the luxury and practicality of a private domestic lift but with the discretion of housing it behind a door.

2. First floor to roof terrace

A lift does not always need to begin its journey on the ground floor of your property. If you have a roof terrace, a lift can be a fantastic alternative to a staircase and a little bit of luxury to the experience, at the same time.

3. Conservatory to Mezzanine

Think outside of the box with your potential home lift! It is even possible for your lift to travel up the outside of the main building, as long as it is sheltered from the elements, such as from a conservatory up to a mezzanine.

The most important part about your domestic lift is locating it somewhere practical for your specific needs!

4. Garage to Ground Floor

If you live in a townhouse with garage or your house is designed to a ‘drive under’ plan, you can now enjoy the convenience of parking your vehicle and (without having to go back outside) travel up to the main body of the house in comfort and luxury.

5. Multi-Storey, Multiple Lifts

If you have several floors and you prefer to have an alternative to a main staircase there are home lifts available which can travel up to six floors. Or you can opt for multiple home lifts in any location of your choice for maximum convenience.