Promoting Independence

Independence is a simple concept. At its most basic level, it means having full autonomy over one’s own life.

Having a home lift installed is revolutionary for anyone who requires daily assistance from a family member or carer. A domestic lift offers so much more comfort and choice than a stairlift which comes with the concern of mounting and strapping in at the bottom of the stairs and dismounting safely at the very top of the stairs, all whilst remembering to keep the battery charged!

Home lifts are controlled by a remote and can be called to whichever floor you need it, regardless of whether someone else has just travelled up in it to another part of your home.

Smooth, quiet, safe, and straight forward to enter, with no trips or slip hazards, a home lift can carry you and one other passenger upstairs in under 30 seconds. If you prefer to sit, there is often the option of a small folding seat or if you are more comfortable leaning, a grab rail is another great choice.

Independence completely reclaimed!

Space Efficiency

Stairlifts can be difficult to negotiate and may not offer the safest escape route in the event of an emergency. Some stairlifts make it difficult for others in the house to climb the stairs. You can also find with certain brands that the footplate, the seat and armrests all need to be folded out of the way for visitors to pass comfortably by on the stairs.

A domestic lift on the other hand is often the most popular choice because it simply leaves your stairway completely clear. With many new generation home lifts boasting small footprints and modular designs, there are almost limitless choices as to where to locate yours. The Stiltz Homelift, for example sits within its own self supporting structure, making it incredibly versatile and no problem to navigate along narrow corridors or low doorways on installation day.

There are many popular places in a two-storey house where a home lift can be installed, including many surprise locations that many would think not even possible. It is always best for homeowners to have their property assessed so the best home lift option on the market can be recommended. Many domestic lifts offer different features and quirks which suit some homes more than others.

Aesthetically Pleasing

First impressions count!

Rather than your visitors being greeted in the hallway by a clunky, medical-looking stairlift, the new home lifts are sleek and elegant with LED down-lights and high-end finishes. With aesthetics and functionality on a level playing field, many homeowners love to show off their new domestic lifts and their visitors love to climb in try them too!

Unlike a stairlift which focuses its limited customisation options on function – i.e straight staircase, curving staircase or bespoke staircase – a home lift can be ‘visually’ customised to suit your unique lifestyle choices.

Choose from a half height door, fully transparent lift cabin, different colour finishes, lighting for day and night use or thru-cabin travel options (Stiltz and Lifton home lifts only) – ideal for wheelchair users who may enter from one side and leave from another -meaning no more awkward maneuvering when you reach your destination.

Faster and reliable

A home lift can travel between floors in under 30 seconds, whereas a stairlift can sometimes take double that length of time, depending on the number of stairs, and the style of the model.

Stairlifts have a bad reputation for their unreliability and, when they break down it can mean the homeowner becomes restricted to one area of the house until the problem can be fixed or someone can come to the rescue.

Home lifts, in comparison, have a battery back-up system which means if there is a power cut for example, the lift will simply descend gently to the lower level of the home. Once the mains power is restored, the lift returns to normal working order. The lift, itself, is completely unaffected by any disruption of the outage.

For domestic lift users with mobility issues, having the peace of mind that they will never be in a situation where they could find themselves trapped in the upstairs of the property is worth its weight in gold.

Increased Property Value

The cost of a home lift can vary depending on the installation but it can add value to a property by making it more appealing to a wider audience of prospective buyers. With the increasing trend of multi-generational living and an aging population due to people living longer and healthier lives, the needs of homebuyers are changing.

Some properties that have lifts installed inside are being considered more attractive as they meet the needs of elderly relatives now and in the future. Parents with children with disabilities for example will see a lift with the home as a real plus point when deciding where to move home.

Alternatively, if property owners did want to take their lift with them to a new home – some can be dismantled and then re-installed in another house without any major issues. Many homeowners might decide to use it as a dumbwaiter too. Lifts are also really useful for moving heavy and awkward items between floors such as luggage, boxes, the vacuum cleaner – even people.

Stairlifts, on the other hand, are highly unlikely to add any value to a property as they tend to be much cheaper than domestic lifts and, if anything, could prove a stumbling block for potential house buyers as it may cost money to remove it and take it away if there is no need for one.