At Homelift Experts we advise a wide range of homeowners on the right home lift for their home and needs – now and the future.

Our customers are frequently surprised by the domestic lift options available for their home. Often the lift and placement for installation finally chosen is different to original conceptions.

The Homelift Experts team are here to guide you through everything and ensure that you make the right choice for your home and what you want to achieve.

Here we look at some of the locations our modular home lifts can be installed quickly and easily. Some do not even need a load bearing wall or separate engine – the lifts operate on a standard UK domestic power socket.

  1. Three-storey town house

Town houses are becoming increasingly popular, especially on new build estates. They use a small footprint and build upwards to maximise use of space, which is particularly useful in built up and urban areas.

A domestic lift makes a multi-storey home much more comfortable to live in allowing easy transition around the home. We can advise on the home lifts that suit multi-storey homes and can fit in small and discrete locations. These types of small elevators can even be fitted from the garage into the hallway!

  1. Hall to landing

Due to the elegant, modern, and stylish design of modern domestic home lifts, they are often fitted as luxury items – a statement piece reflecting your lifestyle.

When a lift is a statement piece a hall to landing fitting is typically selected. As you enter the hallway, the lift will be on show, with elegant curves and design features that blend in with your décor. You can even customise your home lift so that the design blends seamlessly and elegantly with your existing look and feel.

  1. Lounge to master bedroom

The most popular place to fit a domestic lift is from the main lounge to the master bedroom. As we become older, it is natural to have more worries about staying in our home.

Moving home is expensive and stressful and it can be harder to make changes as we get older. Future-proof planning gets things in place before they are really needed.

The lounge to master bedroom is a solid choice for all eventualities that may or may not come so that you can stay in the home that you love for longer.

  1. Cupboard to cupboard

Some customers want a subtle home lift installation, and we can advise of cupboard-cupboard installations that offer complete discretion.

Domestic lifts do need to always be obvious, for example, they can installed in a wide range of places. A home lift can be quite transformative for some lifestyles, opening up independence and confidence.

  1. In the space of a turning staircase

When there is a turning staircase or awkward space, we can advise on domestic lifts with a small footprint that maximise the use of space and allows two people to travel comfortably together.

Home lifts, by brands such as Stiltz and Lifton, are built up in module sections like Lego, which makes them easily transportable. This makes them ideal for navigating low ceilings or tight passageways. Stiltz and Lifton travel along self-supporting stilts that enable them to be fitted in spaces where traditional lifts could not be fitted.

  1. First floor to roof terrace

If you are renovating your home, a home lift can be a stylish addition that creates the real wow factor.

Domestic lifts can take passengers from the first floor up to a roof terrace, eliminating the need to coordinate tricky spiral staircases or steep stairways onto roof terraces.

A home lift definitely gives your home the wow factor and takes you up to your roof terrace in style.

  1. Going up to a guest room

A domestic lift can be a welcoming and inclusive addition to your home for the entire family – making it feel more like visiting a luxury hotel.

When elderly relatives visit, preparing in advance is key. One of the quickest ways of getting ready is decluttering it. Items like loose rugs are a trip hazard and should be put away if possible.

A home lift can make moving luggage and getting upstairs after a long journey much safer and more comfortable for your visitors.

  1. Granny Annex

As our parents age and need more support to maintain independence, many people build an annex onto their home for their elderly relatives.

This gives the feeling of independent living spaces – with separate kitchens, bathrooms, front door and garden – with the safety net of also being in the same home with shared doors and the ability to be on hand quickly if required.

A home lift can be fitted to access the annex or within the annex if it is a multi-storey dwelling.

  1. Thru-car

If the configuration of your house means that you would have to enter the lift from one side and leave from the other on another level of the house, we can make a recommendation.

A Stiltz home lift for example provide an innovative and unique thru-car design. This solution can also be extremely useful for wheelchair users which saves them backing out on arrival at their destination.

  1. Sloping or vaulted ceilings

Old and characterful buildings can present different challenges for any type of home addition or renovation. But with domestic lifts we recommend, sloping or vaulted ceilings are no problem.

Ask the team today about how we can install a lift to suit your exact requirements.