1. Can we afford it a home lift?

When the time has come to consider a home lift, for many people it is a case of whether to carry on struggling with the stairs for a bit longer or find an alternative solution. Whilst some solutions may be cheaper, such as a stairlift, an actual lift is expected to be much more of an investment.

However, for some people considering whether a domestic lift is the best option, they might be weighing up a home move into a single-storey property or possibly even a supported living arrangement. Compared to these options, installing a home lift can be a far more cost-effective solution.

It may also be ‘priceless’ for someone who really would not choose to move for any reason other than mobility concerns. Given the low running costs of modern domestic lifts homeowners can also be reassured that the day-to-day costs are not expensive.

  1. Are home lifts safe?

Many potential customers, particularly those who are looking to install a lift for family members who they do not live with, are especially concerned with whether a home lift will be safe. Will it require a lot of maintenance? What will happen if it breaks down? And so on.

Reassuringly, domestic lifts are very safe. All the lifts we recommend on our Home Lift Experts site have been designed with safety as an absolute priority and are tested within rigorous standards. Products are fitted with a host of advanced safety features, such as obstruction sensors and additional standard operating procedures that prevent human error being a risk factor. Furthermore, unlike using a stairlift, there need be no concerns over getting into and out of a lift in the same way.

  1. Will we have room for a home lift?

Far from needing a vast amount of space for a separate engine room or only being an option if you have a supporting wall to install against, the modern home lifts you will find reviewed by Home Lift Experts are all self-supporting and require only a small footprint, the size of the lift itself, for many this is typically less than a square metre for some models.

The lift can, therefore, in some cases, be installed almost anywhere in a home with some also offering multi-floor use. Whether the lift is installed in the void of a stairwell, or tucked away as unobtrusively as possible – even in a cupboard – is entirely up to the customer. The standard choice is for a lift to travel from living room or hall through the floor up to a landing or bedroom but the options are almost limitless.

  1. Will a home lift ruin the aesthetics of the home?

There is a lift to suit every home. The most popular options tend to be modern home lifts designed to be ultra sleek and modern, with a stylish appearance, yet discreet enough to blend into any surroundings.

Several of these types of lifts include customisation options such as colour matched panelling to suit the home’s décor. Whether there is a requirement to blend the lift into the background or attract admiring glances by taking pride of place in a space, there is undoubtedly a solution for virtually any property.

  1. Where do I start looking for a home lift?

With so many home lifts of all shapes and sizes on the market, some of which are a lot simpler than others, both in terms of mechanics and installation, it can be tricky to decide where to start the process.

That is why it is important to speak to a lift expert who can help to guide you through the journey and recommend the best type of lift to suit a specific need. At Home Lift Experts, our professionals would be more than happy to help with any enquiry and answer any questions a potential customer might have to help them make an informed choice as to the right type of lift for your home.