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How Comparison Sites Revolutionise Purchase Decisions

When you have decided that installing a home lift is the right move to future-proof your home you might feel overwhelmed with the choices available to you. It is hard to compare different features and service levels and make the choice that is right for you and your...

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Accessible Homes Design Tips for 2023

Open Plan There are many design features which make moving about easier. As a standard rule of thumb, an open-plan scheme with plenty of space around furniture always works best. Wheelchair users, in particular benefit from additional open space. Wide doorways and...

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How to Reduce the Risks of Falls in the Home

Changes that occur with ageing can lead to a range of specific mobility problems or simply more of a general struggle moving around. That person may be unsteadiness while walking, have difficulty getting in and out of a chair, or falls. There are a range of common...

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Top Five Home Lift Questions Answered

At Home Lift Experts we have supported thousands of customers through their home lift journey and our experienced panel of experts is always available to discuss any technical, aesthetic or pricing related queries. As part of our customer commitment, we have provided...

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Why Choose a Home Lift over a Stairlift?

For anyone planning to introduce an in-home mobility product, whether its for an older relative, or someone with mobility difficulties for other reasons the chances are you will consider a stairlift as a possible solution. At Home Lift Experts, we take a look at the...

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Why The Cost of Living Crisis is Causing a Rethink

With the cost of living skyrocketing and all our bills rising against a backdrop of high inflation and increasing interest rates, the crisis is contributing to a significant fall in the number of people moving home. The year 2022 saw a decline of 35 per cent in the...

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Five Reasons Why a Home Lift Will Not Ruin Your Aesthetic

With a modern domestic lift, you can expect form and function to work in perfect harmony. From customisable features to high-quality finishes and sleek shapes that fit seamlessly into any home design, here are five reasons why you never need to worry that a home lift...

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Could a Home Lift Suit my Multi-Storey Home?

For anyone seeking a home lift solution that is suited to a three-storey town house, at Home Lift Experts, we share with you some solutions that can not only allow multi floor travel, but also provide a customisable solution fitted with the latest technology. Two...

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Why a Small Home can Still Suit a Home Lift

It is a common misconception when thinking about home lifts that a lot of space will be needed and that installing a domestic lift simply is not possible in an average sized home, let alone a smaller property. Many families looking to install a home lift for older...

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