Many home lift customers are adult sons and daughters who have identified that buying a domestic lift for their parents will benefit all of their lives. But what are the key advantages in installing a home lift in your parents’ home?

1. Safety

One of the key concerns of grown-up children with older parents is the increased risk of falls and accidents around the home, many of which happen around the stairs. By installing a home lift, the risk of a serious accident on the stairs is diminished, and everyone has peace of mind knowing that it is easy and safe to travel around the home.

Modern domestic lifts are designed with users safety front-of-mind, with all safety measures included such as weight sensors and obstruction sensors. In the event of the lift being in use during a power cut lifts are programmed to return slowly and safely to the ground. Home lifts can be much more safer than stairlifts.

2. Independence

A main reason to install a home lift in the parental home is to enable older parents to stay independent longer. For many, even when mobility becomes a problem, there is a strong will to stay self-sufficient. By owning a domestic lift, parents are able to stay capable of running their own home and enjoying their own space for as long as they wish, which in turn can have a positive impact on mental health. In addition to benefitting the parents, for those juggling their own jobs, children and busy lives, having independent parents helps to make life a bit easier.

3. Staying Put

For many, the family home is the focal point of family get-togethers, holding important memories and a source of comfort to everyone. Not only that but often the home has been owned for years and is the main family investment. Sadly many older people feel that if the stairs become too difficult they have no choice but to down-size, move into single-storey living or sheltered accommodation., However, giving up the family home could mean huge unwanted upheaval for older parents, as well as giving up the family’s most valuable asset.

Installing a home lift and making the family home truly accessible no matter what mobility issues might arise, negates the need for a potentially costly, stressful and unsettling move. Home lifts can even add value to your home.

4. Accessibility

Time spent with grandparents, and the time children spend in their grandparents’ home creates important bonds and childhood memories. By making the home accessible, and giving your parents their independence means that they will be able to spend quality time with their grandchildren making special memories, benefitting the whole family for years to come. Most domestic lifts can be installed in a variety of locations too.

5. Helping Hand

A lift in the home is not just for getting around the house. A home lift can be used to transport heavy and bulky items, such as luggage, furniture, even the weekly washing. This minimises the risk of strain to the muscles or back injury. As parents age, a lift in the home can be a vital addition, enabling home-life to carry on as it always has, whilst reducing the risks of accident or harm.