For most people who have a home lift, its installation came about as a necessity, when either the individual themselves or concerned family members realised that mobility issues were causing concern. Typically customers have looked at the range of options available to them and considered the pros and cons of stairlifts and domestic lifts and settled on the latter. Most often this is due to the additional peace of mind, lack of maintenance and flexible location options that the home lift choice can bring, which are just some of the commonly cited advantages these products have over the alternatives.

But if you are one of the many people who are predominantly at home, exactly how could a home lift improve your daily life at home? Here the Home Lift Experts summarise the main benefits to those who are unable to go out very much and spend a lot of time at home, whether this is long term or only temporarily when there is a need.

Independence is important to everyone, particularly those who are older, or with decreased mobility. The thought of moving to residential accommodation can be distressing and daunting, yet if someone is struggling to access both floors of their home without the help of others this concern can often creep in. The last thing someone in this position wants to entertain is the need to have carers coming in and out all the time, or the prospect of the upheaval that moving to a new property would cause. Having a home lift to use means that, depending on the model of lift installed, an individual can move from ground floor to first floor at the touch of a button, even if they use a walking frame or wheelchair. Taking back control within the confines of your home is hugely beneficial to both physical and mental health.

The contemporary, through the floor style home lifts are self supporting and require no more space than that taken up by, say, a linen cupboard. Modern lifts of this style are available in a range of finishes to suit any décor and their flexibility is unrivalled in terms of where in the home they can be sited. They can add a genuine ‘wow’ factor to your home that impresses visitors and can even contribute to improving the value of your home if you should choose to move or downsize in the future.

Safety is an important consideration when it comes to independent living. A home lift can make your home much safer, especially when considering that most lifts also incorporate added security features. Additionally, a modern capsule lift does not have the same potential for struggling on and off as a stairlift and is far less likely to experience problems during use also. For many home lift customers, prior to having the lift they were helped to walk up the stairs or even carried and this causes anxiety for both the individual themselves and those who care for them. Replacing this degree of worry that an older or less mobile person is trapped in their home and liable to struggle or have an accident, with the peace of mind that they can move around their home freely and independently is priceless in the current climate.

Lending a hand
A home lift is sure to create more comfort in everyday routines and activities. Whether its making the laundry easier to move from one room to another, getting the luggage back upstairs, or enabling someone to get up or down the stairs with a babe in arms, there are so many little ways in which a home lift can contribute to day to day life. Many customers find they marvel at how they ever managed without one!