Having spent more time at home this year, and with the promise of visitors and house guests in 2021, many people are seeking ways to make their homes more comfortable in the new year. Here at Homelift Experts, the home lift team we highlight the ways that a domestic lift can add comfort and ease to a customer’s home and daily life.

Comfort is not just soft furnishings, beds and sofas. Comfort is about giving the body what it needs, such as the right ambient temperature, the right type of lighting for the time of day, a comfortable level of noise, and being able to move around a property easily. Installing a home lift can dramatically help with the flow of a house meaning that inaccessible areas can be reached quickly and that getting from floor to floor becomes faster and easier.

Improving the layout of a home

Increasingly our home lift customers install a domestic as part of a home renovation project where the architect has looked to increase the routes to getting to the first and second floors. In larger homes this can be a real benefit where journeys to certain areas of the home may be made shorter. In busy houses having an additional way to get to the upper levels of the home also avoids making the hall and landing a pinch-point with people racing up and down the stairs. Improving the layout of a home in this way adds comfort, peace and a sense of luxury to the space.

Comfort for wheelchair users

Of course, some family members might have more need of help travelling upstairs than others, and for older people, those in wheelchairs and those with mobility difficulties, a home lift can make all the difference to whether the home is accessible and comfortable or not.

Unlike the bulky, unattractive and awkward stairlift which is so often seen as the only option, a home lift offers many benefits to the wheelchair user, such as no uncomfortable manoeuvring from chair to chair, a quicker and smoother journey, and the comfort of being able to travel with another person in the lift at the same time.

Both domestic lift brands Lifton and Stiltz offer neat and compact home elevators aimed at wheelchair users which are easy to use and safe, and provide the user with complete independence. For customers whose homes mean they need to travel between multiple floors, Aritco provides a home lift that can travel between up to six floors.

Often people fear that a lift large enough to accommodate a wheelchair may be too large to fit within their living space, but with clever compact designs there are many lifts which are small and versatile enough to fit in most homes. Technology has enabled home lifts to have a minimal footprint, meaning that home lift can be installed almost anywhere within a property, be that hall to landing, living space to master bedroom, garage to first floor kitchen or even cupboard to cupboard.

Comfortingly seamless

Comfort is also about aesthetic appeal. When surroundings harmonise, it creates a feeling of calm and contentment. Modern home lifts are as attractive as they are practical. With glazed panels, and clever lighting, they are designed to blend into a home’s décor, be that a modern minimalist property, or an older classical style home. Stiltz lifts are sleek and capsule shaped, and discreet enough to disappear almost entirely when at a different level, whereas Aritco lifts are fully customisable so that the colours of the panels can look part of the home itself.

Because a lift can blend so seamlessly into a home, it is no surprise that the addition of a domestic lift adds value to a home. Often customers are surprised how the cost of a home lift is more affordable than they thought.