For anyone seeking a home lift solution that is suited to a three-storey town house, at Home Lift Experts, we share with you some solutions that can not only allow multi floor travel, but also provide a customisable solution fitted with the latest technology.

Two domestic lift brands which are designed to travel between two floors are Stiltz home lifts and Lifton home lifts but, if budgets allow, some customers may opt to have two lifts put in separate locations in one property. Both look fantastic in any home, include all the safety requirements needed and can be installed quickly with minimal fuss.

Homeowners may decide to have one of the domestic lifts installed in a hallway travelling up to a landing area, and another in a separate location on the second floor which can speed up to a bedroom, usually where the user needs it most.

Technology has enabled home lifts to have a minimal footprint, meaning that a home lift can be installed almost anywhere within a property, be that hall to landing, living space to master bedroom, garage to first floor kitchen or even cupboard to cupboard. Therefore, a domestic lift between the basement and ground level and another from living space to bedrooms may work perfectly for many customers, with each lift styled to suit its surroundings.

Installing a lift gives your space and flexibility back

Installing a home lift can dramatically help with the flow of a house meaning that inaccessible areas can be reached quickly and that getting from floor to floor becomes faster and easier.

Within a home comprised of several floors this can open a space up to use more freely, giving users optimum use of all the space they have, rather than leaving some areas underused because access to them is challenging, or in some cases, impossible.

Increasingly, homeowners, who are either struggling with mobility issues, or have a relative or child that find the stairs too demanding, choose to install a domestic lift to make life easier. Others who have no intention of moving home, and wish to stay in the house they love, add a home lift to future-proof their property for every eventuality later on in life.

A domestic lift may be included as part of a home renovation project or just as a one-off to make more comfortable for the user and help them with their independence. Often in such cases, a builder or architect has ensured viable routes to getting to the first and second floors.

In larger, multi-level homes this can be a real benefit as journey time to certain areas of the home may be made shorter. Improving the layout of a home in this way adds a sense of luxury and comfort to the space. In particularly busy homes, perhaps with multiple generations sharing the property, this also prevents the hallways, stairs and landings becoming a pinch point.

What if I have more than three floors to my home?

For customers whose homes mean they need to travel between multiple floors, Aritco home lifts provides a home lift that can travel between two to six floors.

As well as identifying the number of floors the lift needs to travel, customers can also decide the colour and construction of the walls and ceiling, along with the size of the lift’s footprint. Even the floor, wall design and lighting can be customised to suit your style and that of your home.