There are many homeowners who have a ‘need’ for a home lift because of mobility issues or a disability. However, there is also an emerging trend for high specification luxury houses and many people are including the convenience of a domestic lift as a ‘must have’ product.

Having a home lift is the ultimate lifestyle choice for some and one that makes a real statement. It also provides the owners with a way of future-proofing their homes so every aspect of their life is covered.

Knowing it is possible to stay in the ‘forever home’ without having to downsize to a smaller property in later life can provide great peace of mind. Many people who have lived in the same home for years and years simply have no desire to ever move house again.

Modern domestic lifts are manufactured to a very high standard with a top- quality finish and would suit any luxury residence. Many home lifts on the market can be tailored inside or outside with bespoke colours and finishes to suit any interior. Optional extras can also be added to make the lift slot in just perfectly to the home.

These days, many home lifts are so practical in design that they can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Many homeowners like to position the domestic lift centre stage which can propel it to a highly-desirable home. Others, prefer their home lift to be situated in a more discreet location but the placement options are almost limitless.

Estate agents have confirmed that adding a lift to the home can increase the value of your property and, could prove that small difference between selling a high-end property or not if up against another house with a home lift inside.

As well as making a welcome addition to the home, a home lift is not just about aesthetics and providing an easier way of moving between floors, a domestic lift is also extremely useful. Customer soon find that home lifts are great for moving heavy or awkward objects, such as cases or boxes, between floors. They act as a great dumbwaiter for moving just about anything from floor to floor.

Home lifts come in all shapes and sizes, and at Home Lift Experts, the team has access to the biggest domestic lift companies in the UK. As the UK’s first home lift comparison site, specialists are there to recommend the best home lift for customers based on their requirements. For more information visit the Buyer’s Guide or contact the team on 0808 250 3647.