During these past few months in lockdown in the UK, many people with mobility issues will have found this to be an extremely difficult time. These individuals may have been unable to receive the usual help they would have received from family or friends because of not being able to receive visitors in the home. For those with reduced mobility, using the stairs might have been near off impossible for some, unless they were able to have support from other members of the household.

Many people who were considering looking at investing in a mobility product in order to make their life easier might had to hold off on the process unless it was an emergency because of the lockdown. Now restrictions are starting to be eased, finding a mobility solution that works for that individual might well be an option they want to start investigating again.

One increasingly popular way of moving between floors with minimal fuss is by installing a through the floor home lift. This acts as an alternative to a stairlift and means the user can safely move around their home independently without any help. For wheelchair users, there are also domestic lifts available which can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair. Many customers talk about how home lifts have changed their lives.

These new style of home lifts do not look like the domestic lifts of the past which tended to look more clinical, sqaure and box-like – modern home lifts have been design to look stylish, a welcome addition to the home, a product that can homeowners can be proud of. As well as their aesthetic appearance, home lift brands have also focused their attention on ensuring their range of domestic lifts are easy to install, simple to use, and include all the necessary safety features.

As demand for home lifts has increased, so have the number of brands available. This means it can be difficult to know where to start when searching online for domestic lift products. That is why, in 2018, the Home Lift Experts was launched as the first home lifts comparison site for consumers to help make it easier for them to select the appropriate domestic lift solution for them.

With an experienced team on hand, the aim of the Home Lift Experts is to provide customers with a selection of the leading home lift brands in the UK to choose from, and then tailor the best lift for them which suits their needs and their budget. Recommending a home lift for an individual can be based on a number of different criteria and preferences such as what size of lift is required, does it need to be large enough for a wheelchair, is multi-floor access needed, do they wish to add custom choices and more. With so many choices to be made, selecting the most suitable home lift solution for that customer is paramount to ensure that person gets the most out of their lift in order that, ultimately, it makes their life easier and more comfortable.

To find more about the Home Lift Experts visit the Buyer’s Guide or contact the team here or on 0808 250 3647.