For anyone planning to introduce an in-home mobility product, whether its for an older relative, or someone with mobility difficulties for other reasons the chances are you will consider a stairlift as a possible solution. At Home Lift Experts, we take a look at the top five reasons homeowners choose a home lift over a stairlift, and why.


Certainly, there is a significant difference in terms of the location and appearance of a stairlift versus a home lift. A stairlift is a flip down chair attached to rails which as its name suggests must be installed in the stairwell. The addition tends to detract from the décor in a central part of the home and, whilst as discreet as possible, can appear more of a ‘mobility aid’ in nature, or cumbersome depending on the width of your staircase.

Modern home lifts are, by stark contrast, designed to be as far away from a ‘mobility aid’ in appearance as possible. They are sleek, elegant, can be designed to blend with your décor and feature subtle downlights and clear panels to let in the light. Self-supporting home lifts from Lifton or Stiltz for example take advantage of the latest technology so they can be fitted in even very small spaces. Maybe this is the stair void, but it could equally be a disused cupboard or the corner of a bedroom, allowing you to tuck your lift away or proudly show it off.


More than likely, the only one who would use a stairlift in your home is the person who it is installed for. However, should you choose a home lift instead you will likely find it useful in many other ways and by your visitors or a companion too! Whether it is for getting the laundry downstairs, luggage upstairs, or making the process of getting young children up to bed more easily, you can be sure you will use your home lift a lot more than you might think!


One of the reasons you might find yourself using the lift more is simply its convenience and efficiency. A stairlift will take around 40 -50 seconds to travel the average flight of stairs from ground to first floor and then you will also need to allow for putting on or removing the safety belt and getting on or off the chair. A lift however will travel the distance in a matter of less than 10 seconds in complete safety.


One of the main reasons customers choose a home lift option over a stairlift one is that of independence. For many with reduced mobility, perhaps some wheelchair users, they will require assistance boarding and disembarking the stairlift. This can make someone feel as though they are inconveniencing others or being a burden in their home, which is the last thing any of us want for our loved ones. A home lift option will allow even wheelchair users to select a lift that suits their needs such as the Stiltz Trio and be able to safely enter and exit the lift smoothly and independently, as often as they choose.


Safety is another reason that may lead many homeowners to choose a home lift over a stairlift. The need for the user to manoeuvre and buckle into the seat before setting off and then do the same thing when they reach the landing presents its own hazards as well as taking extra time and effort. However, a modern home lift has a host of safety features that anticipate any and every eventuality and can be entered swiftly and safely before taking you smoothly to the next floor at the touch of a button. Should a power cut occur for example, you will be smoothly returned to the lower level and able to exit the lift.