Home lifts are ever growing in popularity, and contrary to popular belief customers are from all stages of life. Some would assume that, like the traditional stairlift, only those older people at the point of crisis with their mobility would choose to install a domestic lift. However, thanks to home lifts being designed to beautifully complement the home and providing style and convenience that all can benefit from, through floor lifts are proving popular with homeowners of all ages.

Here Home Lift Experts look at the stages of the family life cycle when customers are most likely to purchase a domestic lift, and how a lift can help them with their home and lifestyle needs.

70+ Older Age

There is no doubt that decreased mobility does play a huge role in those choosing to install a home lift within their home, and as mobility often decreases with age, a lift is the ideal choice for people over seventy. With sharp minds and active lifestyles, a cumbersome stairlift does not suit all older people, and those seeking a stylish and smart solution find that the range of modern home lifts available suit their needs perfectly. Compact and discreet, whilst many which are still roomy enough for a walking frame or wheelchair, to fit within almost any home, Stiltz home lifts are a popular choice to make the journey between floors quick and easy.

50-60s Future-Proofing

A very popular age for people to install a domestic lift are those aged between 50 and 60, who are future-proofing their forever home. Often people are renovating their property and looking to how their home will serve them over the next few decades. Whereas some future-proofing equipment such as grab handles and flashing doorbells might seem extreme measures while still young, a home lift not only offers reassurance about being there for when it is needed, it also brings years of convenience prior to being a necessity. It can also be used by anyone and can help with lifting jobs around the home. Lifton home lifts are a great choice for those choosing to future-proof as they perfectly balance usability with style and elegance.

30-40s Convenience

Many customers install a home lift to make life easier and more comfortable. Those aged 30-40 who have purchased their family home and are looking for ways to add a luxurious, contemporary touch for an ultra-convenient lifestyle often choose a domestic lift. With a huge range of lifts to choose from those in this bracket tend to go for the beautifully designed Aritco home lifts, with their bespoke lighting designs and ‘design wall’ feature.

Family Life

Home lifts can be used by people in many different circumstances, and for families with children who have mobility needs a domestic lift is a great solution to the issue of how to continue living in a two-story home, without major remodelling. Often families cope while children are small, but as they grow older and require a wheelchair, a home lift is the safest, most reliable, and least disruptive option. Some families can benefit from a Disabled Facilities Grant to help pay for the home lift. For expert advice, speak to the specialists at Home Lift Experts who can advise on which domestic lift would best suit the needs of the whole family.