As more homeowners are realising the benefits of installing a home lift, the number of lifts available on the market is growing. With increased choice, it can be difficult to know which product is right for you, when as well as your own requirements you need to take into account factors such as quality, safety measures, size, and style.

To ensure you are selecting the perfect home lift for your particular needs, it is recommended that you speak to a specialist who has a high level of knowledge about the domestic lift marketplace and can give qualified advice about which product will suit your home perfectly.

The experienced team at Home Lift Experts know all the technical details about home lifts and it is their job to make your domestic lift purchase and installation as easy as possible.

Making the right choice

Every home lift customer has a unique set of needs and requirements from their new purchase, and with so many brands and models to choose from, deciding which lift to go for can be difficult. Speaking to a specialist at Home Lift Experts cuts out all the difficult decision making.

Your expert will ask you all the questions needed to make the right recommendation for you, taking into account your needs: what your lift will be for, the space available in your home, your budget, and your style preferences.

Taking this information on board, our experts will be able to talk you through their top recommendations, guiding you through the details to help you make the best, most informed decision.

Putting your mind at rest

Knowing all the technical data about each type of lift and model available our experts provide peace of mind that their recommendation is exactly the right lift for you and your home. They will also help to lead you seamlessly through the whole buying and installation process from start to finish, meaning you can relax knowing you’re in a safe pair of hands.

Smoothing the installation process

Home Lift Experts manage the installation process of each lift, making the whole experience as straightforward and effortless as possible. Once a customer has chosen their perfect model, our technical surveyors will work together with their installation teams to make sure the simple process of installing the lift goes as smoothly as you would expect.