Supreme advances in technology are not only good for putting humans in space, discovering cures for ailments and exploring the depths of the oceans, but also for improving the ease and comfort of our daily lives.

Here, the specialists at Home Lift Experts look at how technological and engineering progress can benefit any home to make living safer and more convenient than ever before.

Automate Your Garage Doors

Gone are the days of needing to heave the garage door up and over, something which gets harder with age, and near impossible for people with shoulder stiffness. With the installation of automatic roller doors your garage can become totally accessible. What is even better, with remote control access you do not even need to leave the comfort of your car: just press the button and drive straight in. Speak to a professional garage door specialist to make sure your garage doors are perfectly suited to your own needs and space.

Get a Lift with a Home Lift

Huge technological advances in the world of home lifts have meant that in recent years having a domestic lift in your home is no longer the domain of the super-rich or those with large houses. Installing a home lift can bring full flexibility to a home, for those with mobility issues or those simply running a busy household.

The new generation of domestic lifts includes models for every type of customer and home; lifts which are sleek and discreet, lifts designed to fit in almost any space within even the smallest of areas, and lifts with attractive lighting and customisable colour panels.

Control the Temperature with an Awning

In hot weather, it can be difficult to find a shady spot in the garden to stay cool, and what is more, if windows are south facing during a heatwave, the sun streaming in can make the house feel like an oven. A simple solution is to install an awning. These usually consist of a roll of weather-proof fabric which pulls out from the house, supported by strong telescopic arms.

Professionally fitted, awnings can be made bespoke for the homeowners needs, with different fabrics and features to choose from. Some awnings are fully automated with light, rain and wind sensors, rolling out when the sun is bright and retracting when there is rain or strong wind. In this way technology can pre-empt your every need and create the perfect space to entertain or relax on your patio.

Spa Every Morning 

Washing facilities have joined the technological revolution and there are plenty of options for the perfect spa hotel experience in your own home each morning. Bathroom specialists will tell you that you can now set the temperature and power of your shower from your smartphone before even getting out of bed, or run the perfect depth bath from downstairs. Add to that the option of steam room, or tropical downpour shower settings, or baths with Jacuzzi features to massage away any aches and pains, and homeowners will see that technology in the home can definitely make life more comfortable.

Control Access to Your Property

Gated properties were once considered to be the most exclusive, but as technology has advanced remote controlled gates and intercom systems are now accessible to anyone who wishes to have more security for the perimeter of their home. Gates are available in a variety of styles from the more imposing wrought iron gates to the more country-style wooden panel varieties. These gates allow visitors on foot or in a vehicle to call on an intercom at which point the homeowner can decide whether to open the gate or not. Systems can also include a video camera if needed and can have a PIN code key pad for those who need regular access. These systems are ideal for those living alone, and equally for those either in busy city areas, or very remote locations.