Smart technology and futuristic digital devices in the home have been talked about for decades, and now with breakthrough technologies becoming affordable, they are becoming a reality for homeowners. Our team at the Home Lifts Experts look at six of the best new tech and smart device additions to the home, and examine the benefits.

1. Smart TVs and Speakers
Nothing upgrades the home quite like a state-of-the-art TV and sound system. Smart speakers – which are now a staple of the home equipment for many – respond to the sound of your voice to play the music you want on demand, answer questions, and can be used control aspects of your home like lighting and heating if you have set up those functions. By using smart plugs you can also turn any ‘dumb’ appliance into a smart appliance and also link it to be used via smart speakers.
The latest technology in TVs not only takes the cinematic experience to another level, but is simple to use without moving from the comfort of the sofa. Stream endless movies, and thousands of TV programmes through your television without having to worry about fiddly DVDs. And by connecting your TV to your smart speakers you can control everything with voice commands.

2. Video doorbells
One of the most in-demand home gadgets of the past year is the video doorbell. This device provides home security by letting you see who is at the door through a video peephole, whether you are at home, or miles away. The doorbell uses Wi-Fi to send the video through to your smartphone allowing you to see who’s calling before you answer the door. Some more sophisticated versions allow you to speak to the visitor through an intercom style feature, enabling you to tell friends you’re not in, or to advise a delivery driver where to leave a package. For added security it can be possible to record footage of visitors which ultimately acts as CCTV to deter potential intruders from choosing your property.
As well as being an incredibly convenient addition to the home, video doorbells are ideal for older people who might prefer the added security benefits, people with reduced mobility who would prefer to avoid answering the door to unnecessary callers, and for those adult children who want to help protect their elderly parents from cold callers.

3. Home Lifts
The domestic lift industry is a prime example of how an acceleration in technology can benefit the home in a stylish and seamless way. Modern home lifts use leading-edge, sleek, unobtrusive technology that blends beautifully with the home surroundings. Installing a home lift adds a feeling of luxury, sophistication, as well as practical convenience to the home.
At Home Lift Experts, we offer a range of solutions for every lift requirement, each of our recommended products using the very latest technological advances to aid ease of use, safety and convenience.

4. Security cameras
With technological advances in video cameras which live stream to your smart phone, people are finding more uses for cameras than the traditional outdoor security cameras. Of course, you can get external property surveillance cameras which are linked to movement sensors and security lights to help ward off potential intruders, however you can get cameras for indoor use too. These can be used for keeping an eye on your home while you are out, and many use them to monitor their pets’ behaviour while they are not at home. Many adult children use these cameras, in agreement with their elderly parents, to make sure that all is well at their home, without having to intrude on them with multiple phone calls each day.

5. Smart Lights
Lighting can turn a great home into something rather special. It is possible to give one space lots of purposes and moods just by using different styles of lighting. With smart lighting, not only can you turn your lights on and off from your smart phone or using your voice via smart speakers, but you can create endless possible ambient atmospheres. With the right combination of bulbs, you can access coloured lights from the entire spectrum, and control the lighting levels from bright and energetic to cosy and dark. By creating pre-settings such as ‘movie lighting’ or ‘reading lighting’ you can have short hand lighting styles to suit your every purpose. In addition, being able to control the lights remotely to give the illusion of being at home whilst away is a huge advantage from a security point of view.

6. Heating on demand
Smart heating is growing in popularity as one of the best energy saving and practical smart systems a homeowner can invest in. It makes use of a thermostat wirelessly connected to the boiler which has the benefit that it can be placed in the room that is used most, unlike most old fixed thermostats which are often positioned in the hallway.
The smart thermostat keeps the house at an ambient temperature as set by the homeowner. If the thermostat is linked to a smart phone it can tell when the homeowners have gone out, and shut off all unnecessary heating, turning everything back on again for when you are predicted to return. The smart thermostat also uses algorithms to learn from your patterns of behaviour, for example if you like the house warmer in the evenings, or if you take a shower at a certain time each day, so it can pre-empt your activities and give you what you require without you lifting a finger.