A number of homeowners might not be making the most of the property in which they live. Often, this is down to not having full access to all the rooms and floors because of mobility difficulties due to age or disability. But this is also to do with smaller homes having fewer rooms, and property owners restricting themselves to the idea of ‘one room: one purpose.’

However, one way of making a home less limited for the occupants is by installing a state-of-the-art home lift. Once they have gained full access to their home by installing a domestic lift from a range of home lifts available which suits their home the best, the sky is the limit. By thinking creatively and reinventing their property, homeowners can find space for all the activities and entertainments they could wish for.

The specialists at Home Lift Experts have put together a few ideas for dual-purpose rooms – any of which could incorporate a domestic lift into the space.

Guest Bedroom/ Home Office

When talking dual-purpose rooms, the trick is to work out which rooms go well together. The beauty of combining a guest bedroom and study is that they are rarely used at the same time, so avoiding a clash of purpose. Equally both uses require a quiet space, away from the main noise of the house, either to allow for concentrated work, or for guests to have a restful space of their own. To make this combination work best, consider having any work items, and even the desk itself stored in cupboards that can be closed from view when guests stay. A sofa bed or day bed is ideal to help create a professional feel and more space when the room is being used for business.

Hall/ Library

Halls are busy spaces, but often underused in a home, other than that of a place to pass through. Many halls have large, wide, and high walls, built-in cupboards and sometimes, underused nooks. Meanwhile, many family homes are overrun with books, and not enough bookshelves. By bringing your library into your hall, you not only give your books an attractive and orderly home, but you can also showcase all your great reads to any visitors. If there is room for an occasional chair or upholstered stool, the hall can be a calm and relaxing place for a cup of tea and a dip into a good book.

Kitchen/ Creative Studio

For people with an artistic streak, finding somewhere in the house to get creative can be a challenge. By carefully planning a kitchen-studio, artists, designers, and crafters can find their muse right in the heart of the family home. To make this combination work effectively the kitchen needs to be relatively large, have a suitable table which can double as work bench and dining space, and the sink should be large and heavy-duty enough to cope with both the cooking and any washing of materials. The absolute key to this dual-purpose room however is having enough storage. One side of the room should have cupboards solely for kitchen use, and the other cupboards large enough for craft materials and any unfinished work to ensure that the room can be seamlessly switched between one use and the other.

Games Room/ Exercise Studio

For those lucky enough to have a room dedicated either to gaming or exercise, there is an argument that these rooms are perfect for combining purposes. A large flat screen TV mounted on a wall, and little more required for gaming other than a console and comfortable seats should leave ample floor space for exercise. Whether it is an online Zumba class, your own private yoga sequence, or a dance class delivered remotely, a non-fussy and clutter-free games room is the perfect environment.