When looking for a new house, most homeowners consider how light a house is to be a key decider in whether to buy or not. Feeling connected with the outdoors is increasingly important to some people, and having a home filled with natural light reflects that need.

Not all properties are lucky enough to benefit from large bi-fold doors and bright skylights, or indeed be south-facing with open views, but thankfully there are lots of techniques to maximise the available natural light from outside, as well as using décor tricks and ways to add subtle artificial light.

For homeowners looking to invest in a domestic lift, the professionals at Home Lift Experts consider a few tried and tested tips to make your home light and bright.

Don’t block the light

Inside the room, look at the window treatments. Heavy and dark curtains or blinds can obscure a window reducing the available light. Consider using sheer curtains, or setting the blind outside of the window cavity, thus keeping the available window space as large as it can be.

Opt for smaller and more streamlined furniture and home additions within the room. When looking at home lifts, the Stiltz Home Lift has a sleek design as well as one of the smallest footprints available – covering less than a square metre wide – meaning it will not block out that valuable light.

Consider colours

Wall colours are key to keeping a home light and bright. In a dark space however, white is not always the answer, and nor is bright yellow. Both can pick up on the bluish tint of the light and appear dull and drab. Instead opt for a light grey or a ‘warm’ blue, which will work with the colour of the light, whilst reflecting the available light around the room.

Those adding a home lift to their property could consider an Artico Home Lift which is entirely customisable to blend with the décor of the home, meaning the light and bright colour scheme can be continued onto the lift, making it feel a fully integrated part of the room.

Choose the right finishes

Furniture can play a big part in whether a room feels light filled or dark and closed off. Where possible choose light coloured furniture, with sleek lines, and if possible reflective surfaces. A white high-gloss kitchen will make a much brighter space than dark, wood cabinets might.

Designers at Lifton carefully consider how light interacts with their domestic lifts, in the same way that is true of high-end bathroom suites, and quality kitchens. Lifton Home Lifts are stylishly elegant with transparent panels which let the light flow, and make the lift almost ‘disappear’ within a room.

Design a lighting scheme

Even if natural lighting is not abundant in the home, all is not lost. The trick to designing a successful lighting scheme is to layer the light sources and have lights in different zones of the room, even in daytime, fooling the eye that the daylight is travelling further. A selection of carefully placed floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling spots and pendants can make up an ideal scheme, as well as fairy lights, and lights from cleverly designed appliances.

The Lifton Home Lift is designed with stylish downlights which enhance both its attractive design as well as lighting the space around it. Likewise, Aritco lifts feature a range of tasteful lighting options adding to its sophisticated appearance, as well as meaning it is never left in the dark.