Customers looking to choose the right home lift may find it difficult to know which will suit their property, lifestyle, needs and budget. At Home Lift Experts, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals work with customers to help them find the perfect elevator for their home.

Here, we focus on the Scandinavian brand Aritco Home Lifts – and the special features of their popular range of products. With three main styles of lift to choose from there is something for everyone: the Aritco 4000 which features many colour options; the Aritco HomeLift with five different sizes in the range; and the Aritco HomeLift Access which is ideal for wheelchair users. Beautiful design is top priority for Aritco, whose domestic lifts are often prized by customers for their adjustable lighting scheme options, wall art, and customisable colours, meaning their home lifts are bespoke and can be tailored to each customer.

Multi-floor homes

Perfect for those whose homes have more than two floors – be that a town house, larger home, or a property with a loft conversion – Aritco home lifts are famed for being able to travel between more than two floors. Their standard HomeLift and HomeLift Access can travel between three floors, and their Aritco 4000 can travel up to six floors, meaning that those with larger or more unusually shaped homes can still enjoy the convenience of travelling by elevator at home.


Aritco are passionate about their domestic lifts complementing the surroundings of the home, whether that is by blending into the existing scheme or standing out with a pop of colour and striking design. The Aritco 4000 is the most customisable of their range and customers have a palette of 200 colours to choose from as well as four types of glass and nine floor colours. Their HomeLift elevators also include a choice of 11 different colours, and a range of lighting schemes which can be selected and adjusted via Aritco’s SmartLift app.

Sizes to suit

There is much flexibility in the Aritco product range, and their domestic lifts include a selection of sizes to suit a variety of customer needs and home requirements. Aritco 4000 is space efficient and compact, to fit easily into smaller homes or those wishing for the elevator to be discreet within the home. The Aritco HomeLift range has five models varying in footprint size and carrying potential, starting from the two-person capacity S5 model to the larger S12 and S15 models, both of which have an impressive five-person capacity.

Access all areas

For those who require easy accessibility with a wheelchair around the home the Aritco HomeLift Access provides an ideal solution. Able to carry a total weight of 500 kg or 1100 pounds, this domestic lift is designed with wheelchair users in mind and is also a great option for those wishing to move multiple people at once, or to move large items between floors as smoothly as possible.

A work of art

As well as state-of-the-art lighting systems, and customers being able to feel in control of the design process having access to a wide range of different design choices, Aritco HomeLifts include Aritco’s DesignWall option. Aritco DesignWall allows customers to add a full wall of artwork to their lift, choosing from carefully selected Scandinavian art designs, to express themselves, meaning their elevator becomes a luxury and statement piece within the home, like no other.