The interest in finding ways to live more sustainably has skyrocketed recently, and with the extreme temperatures in the UK put down to climate change, the need to make our lifestyles more ‘green’ is only going to increase.

For many of us, knowing where to begin our sustainability journey can be the hardest part, so the Home Lift Experts team have put together our top five ways to get started!

  1. Live More Sustainably in The Heart of the Home

A large proportion of waste comes from the kitchen. When food reaches landfill, it generates huge amounts of toxic methane gas, so by composting the food, either for re-use in your garden, or for recycling by the local council, you will be well on your way to a more sustainable kitchen.

Other ideas for a sustainable kitchen include:

  • Cover your saucepan whilst cooking to help the contents cook in less time.
  • Boil the water you need rather than over filling the kettle
  • Try batch cooking your food. You use the bulk of your oven’s energy in one go, and can simply pop your food in the microwave in the evening which takes much less energy
  • Buy quality saucepans and utensils which will not break or wear out quickly and end up in landfill
  1. Live More Sustainably in The Garden

Aside from making your own compost with food waste from the kitchen, you can also create your own environmentally friendly pest control products too. For example, a spray bottle of water mixed with a little washing up liquid can stop greenfly. Horticultural fleece and insect mesh will stop the bugs getting to the plants and growing herbs such mint, rosemary, basil and lavender will also deter them.

Other ideas for a sustainable garden include:

– Instead of purchasing brand new garden tools, look to your local second-hand sources such as freecycle and charity shops

– When purchasing garden furniture, look out for the FSC logo which ensures you are purchasing from a business using responsibly sourced timber.

  1. Live More Sustainably by getting SMART

Living smart has some distinct advantages. Not only does it save energy and effort, it also futureproofs your home sustainably, for your journey into later life.

There are many products now available to support living a sustainable lifestyle, such as smart blinds, smart thermostats and smart meters to monitor energy usage.

Other ideas for a sustainable home include:

  • Products which use less energy such as energy efficient lightbulbs
  • Appliances which carry a green seal
  • Thanks to advances in modern technology, you can now even get home lifts that use far fewer materials and consume much less energy than conventional lifts such as the Stiltz Home Lift or the Lifton Home Lift.
  1. Live more Sustainably in your Wardrobe

Did you know that keeping clothes in use for just an extra nine months can reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint by 20-30 per cent?

The one thing we all do nearly every day is get dressed, but how we choose to shop can support our sustainability journey too.  Buying from charity shops rather than shopping new can help the environment in numerous ways, but ultimately, it saves clothing from ending up in landfill or incinerators where they will release harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Other ideas for a sustainable wardrobe include:

– Take good care of your clothes to help them last longer. Use soft hangers to ensure the material does not snag and mend rips rather than throw an item away

– The most sustainable clothes you have are the pieces already in your wardrobe. Have fun doing some research and learning ways to restyle what you own

  1. Live more Sustainably when on the Move

When it comes to daily travel, one of the most polluting forms of transport is, unsurprisingly, the car.

For people with mobility issues, the idea of travelling without their car can seem concerning, but if walking to the local newsagents for your paper is not feasible, then there are several ways to live more sustainably whilst still getting about.

Car sharing is one option that more and more people are turning to, as a way to lower their carbon footprint. Find a friend, neighbour or community transport scheme to help you do this.

Other ideas for sustainable travel include:

  • Over 60’s receive a discount on public transport. The train or bus are the lowest polluting forms of public transport available and can be a pleasant way to get around
  • If your local town centre is not far from you, but you would be unable to manage the walk, you could consider a mobility scooter which would enable you to leave the car at home but still have the freedom to get out and about!