With a modern domestic lift, you can expect form and function to work in perfect harmony. From customisable features to high-quality finishes and sleek shapes that fit seamlessly into any home design, here are five reasons why you never need to worry that a home lift will inhibit your personal aesthetic and style.

  1. Versatile home lifts that can be fitted almost anywhere


With a small footprint and carefully considered design, home lifts can be fitted in a wide range of locations in your home. The design allows for flexibility and could be behind a cupboard door if you want to be discreet or if you love it, it can be pride of place. At Home Lift Experts we offer you a range of domestic lifts in different designs and can advise on the right lift for you and your needs.


  1. Sleek and elegant design

We know you want a home lift that fits neatly into your home. This is why we have only selected products with a sleek and elegant design. Our portfolio of home lifts are all beautiful to look at – light years away from the unsightly, medical-looking domestic lifts of the past.


  1. Bespoke features

Whilst our lifts include a range of high-tech features as standard, you can customise your home lift and make it yours. Choose from bespoke colours and finishes such as different colour lift car, rails and interior lining. You can also add in an in-car seat and stylish grab rail.


  1. No ugly machine room or loud noise

We understand that aesthetics extends beyond the visual enjoyment of your home. Loud and intrusive noise spoils your peace and enjoyment. This is why with the Stiltz Home Lift and Lifton Home Lift the motor is installed discreetly in the roof of the lift with minimal travel noise. The lift stands on its own self-supporting structure ensuring that the minimal noise created is contained.

  1. Let in the light

For daytime travel, our choice of home lifts all allows natural daylight to pass through transparent sides filling a room with light. For travel after dark, our

lifts’ range offer an ambient LED lighting solution for a safe and practical night-time travel experience.

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Our team of specialists at Home Lift Experts provide customer care, technical expertise, building and installation service and someone on hand to guide you every step of the way. Customer cannot believe how easy it is to install a home lift. To speak to a home lift expert today, please call us on 0808 258 7492.