Modern home lift manufacturers apply the latest technology and engineering to make them as safe, practical, and easy to use as possible. In recent years domestic lifts have gone from loud, bulky and expensive mobility devices to the sleek, elegant and affordable modern home lifts available we know today. Many lift companies have gone several steps further to include luxurious features in their elevators, purely designed to wow and delight those who own and use them.

Here Home Lift Experts look at some of the more unexpected and exciting design features of the best lifts on the market.

Stiltz Super Compact Size

One of the biggest home lift innovations of recent times has been to make domestic lifts small enough to fit into a normal sized home with minimal disruption. The engineers at Stiltz home lifts have gone above and beyond others on this front and have created some of the slimmest and most compact home elevators on the market. The tiny, yet roomy Stiltz Duo+ has a footprint of less than a square metre yet impressively can carry two people. Using state of the art technology, Stiltz lifts runs on two vertical rails, or ‘stilts,’ meaning they do not require a supporting wall and carry their own motor in a neat casing above the lift car. Stiltz lifts can therefore be fitted in almost any room in any home, no matter the size.

Aritco Design Wall

For Swedish elevator brand Aritco home lifts – the wow-factor is found in the feature they call ‘DesignWalls.’ In keeping with Scandinavia’s fame for classic design, Aritco have made art intrinsic in their domestic lifts.

The idea is that an Aritco home lift is treated more as a beautiful piece of furniture, rather than just a lift. The DesignWall is full height wall inside the elevator, made from acrylic glass, and customers can choose from an array of bold and beautiful designs to make their lift unique. Aritco have collaborated with prominent designers and artists from Scandinavia to develop DesignWalls and make the Aritco HomeLift a true piece of art that customers can be proud to have in their home.

Lifton Elegant Touches

Lifton home lifts are frequently chosen by customers for their elegant design touches, adding a dash of luxury to the home. Designed to be discreet, yet beautiful, the engineers at Lifton have included the option for clear body panels in the lift car, allowing light to flood through and helping the lift blend into the décor of the room. Attractive downlights make a real feature of the Lifton domestic lift, giving an opulent look. And for added, luxury all Lifton home lifts include two remote controls as standard, meaning the elevator can be called at the touch of a button, no matter where you are in the room.