All too often homeowners assume that with age, and in particular having difficulty with the stairs, results in the inevitable upheaval of moving house; either to single storey bungalow or apartment.

However, with the advances in technology installing a home lift has become the smart choice for people facing the decision of whether or not to move for accessibility reasons. Modern day domestic lifts are economical to buy and run, easy to put in, and small enough to fit neatly into most homes.

The specialists at Home Lift Experts look at the advantages our customers cite for installing a home lift rather than making the move.


Moving house is a notoriously lengthy process: waiting for a buyer, holding out for the right house to come on the market, and then the unknown quantity of waiting for the chain to complete surveys and legal details which can take months. When a buyer falls through or chain breaks, it can take you back to square one with no promise of when you can move. For customers going through this process all the while finding the stairs hard to climb, the waiting can be untenable.

In contrast, installing a home lift is a quick and seamless process, with the actual installation taking just one day.


There are many costs associated with a house move such as legal fees, stamp duty, estate agent fees and moving costs. Even when moving to a smaller property these mount up and can be hard on the finances, especially for older people no longer working who are unable to offset the debt.

The cost of a new generation home lift is a fraction of that of a house move. With home lifts as a surprisingly affordable option, when you buy from Home Lift Experts, we work with your available budget to make sure you get the lift that is best suited to you. What is more, all costs are quoted up front, so there are no hidden surprises. Home lifts can even add value to your home.


One of the biggest issues for older people moving home is the change of location. Often having lived in the home where children have grown up, friends, family and regular activities are nearby. As finding a more accessible home in itself can be a challenge, finding that home in the same location you currently live is often near impossible. This means that in moving, older people can lose their support networks, missing out on regular events and local interests.

By making the current home more suitable for their needs by installing a home lift, customers find they can continue their lives in a more convenient and comfortable way.


Moving house is a major decision and is well known to be one of the top five most stressful life events. There are many unknown quantities with a house move and lots of moving parts that cannot be controlled. If those moving house are doing so because of access, rather than because they really want to, this stress is increased.

On the other hand, the process of buying a home lift is simple and easy. Home Lift Experts work hard to ensure that the purchasing and installation processes of a home lift is as trouble-free as possible, with the customer firmly in the driving seat