Sales of home lifts are on the increase and with their rise in popularity it means there are more products on the market – and even more choice. Whilst that is a good thing, the huge range of domestic lifts may leave a potential customer feeling confused about which one to choose.

If you are looking at investing in a home lift, it can be an expensive purchase, and it is important you know you are picking the right one for you. There are countless different models, options, designs and features to choose from and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different options.

To make sure you are selecting the very best domestic lift for your needs and your home, it is recommended that you speak to an expert who knows about the benefits of each lift and can take into account all your personal requirements as well as the specifics of your home.

1. Your needs
The first thing to discuss with a domestic lifts expert is exactly what you need the lift for, and what you will need it for in the future. There are home lifts that are sleek and narrow, suitable for just one standing person, whilst others are large enough to accommodate two people together or a wheelchair.

If you are simply future proofing your home, what are your likely needs in the future? A qualified home lift expert will be able to give you advice, even if you are not yet sure yourself.

2. Suitability for the home
Another vital consideration when choosing a home lift is what your home is like, the space you have available, where you want to position it, and the power source available. Different domestic lifts have different physical requirements, with some requiring a larger footprint, some being self-supporting, without the need for extra building work, some home lifts simply plug into existing power sockets, and some use hydraulics. If you need to move between more than two floors there are lifts that are able to do that.

An expert home lift advisor will be able to give you technical information on the best option for your home with their knowledge of the installation requirements for each domestic lift product.

3. Interior design and home lift style
The design of the various home lifts on the market varies greatly, and there will be one out there to suit any style of home. Identifying which one will complement your style is easy for a home lift advisor who knows the full range of domestic lifts available and will have experience of seeing them installed in many houses.

There is also a huge range of optional extras and customisation options available in some models of lift, which a domestic lift expert will be able to thoroughly brief you on, such as adding attractive down lights to match the room lighting, or colour-matching panels of the lift to coordinate with the home décor scheme.

4. Budget
A key consideration for many is of course the budget available for the home lift, and this is where an expert is worth their weight in gold. A domestic lift advisor will be able to take all your requirements, limitations and wishes and make sure you get just the home lift you are looking for, at the very best value for money. Or you may find that just by spending a little more than you planned you can have a lift which will suit you better in the future and therefore save you money in the long run.