Often people consider installing a home lift only when mobility issues have set in in older age, or if they suffer from a long term disability. However, more and more people are choosing to install a lift in their home to add the ‘wow factor’ and for the general day to day convenience of being able to move more easily between the floors of their home.

We look at four life-stages when home lift owners can really get the value from their elevator.

Baby Stage

From the moment there are children in the house a home lift starts to earn its keep. Being able to safely transport a newborn baby without having to use the stairs can put any new parent’s mind at rest. The lift can also be used to help transport the bulky baby gadgets around the home without needing to lug them up and down the stairs.

Family Life

As children grow and family life becomes more hectic, having a lift in the home can help to streamline the daily activities. A lift can take the strain of delivering laundry from the upstairs to the utility room and back again, or move toy boxes back up to children’s bedrooms after a tidy-up. Many people struggle with moving heavy luggage when going on family holidays but a lift can help with that too. Having another route to get upstairs also helps with people flowing around the house more easily as children become teenagers and the house can feel fuller.

As teens start university, a lift can be a huge help in transporting belongings from bedroom to car at the start and end of every term, simplifying the constant moving process.

Temporary Disability

There are times in our lives when mobility can become an issue for a short period of time. Just because it’s temporary doesn’t make it any less problematic, and in these instances a home lift can help keep life straight forward.

Anything from suffering from SPD during pregnancy, where using the stairs is advised against, having a bad back which may only last a few months, but prevents full movement, or even a teen with a broken ankle are all temporary disabilities which might turn home life upside down for a while. Having a lift in the home means that even if life throws you a challenge, moving around your home needn’t be one of them.

Older Age 

Most commonly, people think of mobility issues setting in in older age, and so might think this is the time to consider a home lift. However, many people often don’t think of the benefits of a home lift to older people even if mobility doesn’t become an issue.

A lift in the home can be used to transport heavy items such as vacuum cleaners around the house, saving potential back injuries. Even very mobile older people can be unsteady on their feet at times, and of course a fall on the stairs can lead to very serious injury. A home lift means that there is always a safe way to travel between floors giving peace of mind. Equally any illness that leaves you weaker can make stairs become too difficult. Having a home lift means you can continue to use all the rooms in your home as they are intended, minimising the need for any upheaval.