Making the decision to install a home lift in your property is a great step towards independence and being able to enjoy full accessibility within your home. However, with a huge range of brands and styles of domestic lift available to choose from, there are many more aspects to consider to ensure you end up with the best home lift for your lifestyle, property, budget and needs.

Home Lift Experts are specialists in the field and are perfectly placed to help you navigate through the sometimes complex decision-making process. Here we summarise the key areas that customers might wish to consider when speaking to us about their requirements.


One of the first things to consider is what you want your lift to help you achieve. Is it for mobility, to help you or family members access all the floors of the home, or is it to upgrade your home with a luxurious feature? Are you looking to use your domestic lift with the heavy lifting, like taking groceries from a ground floor garage to a first-floor kitchen, or with delivering the laundry from bedroom to utility room? Once you are clear on your priorities you can narrow down your search. For example, Scandinavian designed Aritco lifts are packed with artistic features, which is ideal for someone looking for a designer feature for the home, but wouldn’t suit someone just looking for a simple mobility solution.


The type of property in which the home lift will be installed often drives a large part of the decision about which style of domestic lift to choose. Some brands require a larger footprint and so are suited to the larger home. Others, like, Lifton home lifts, which run on two discreet vertical rails, famously have a very neat footprint, and can be installed in surprisingly small spaces, even cupboard to cupboard.


All the home lifts on the market understandably have different price points, and although some are very affordable, some can set you back much more. It is important from the outset to know your budget to make sure you end up with a solution that is affordable for you and get the most for your money.

 Mobility Needs

It is vital to know what your level of need is when it comes to mobility requirements, and think about whether it is likely to increase in the future. A brand like Stiltz Home Lifts have a wide range of domestic lifts which are sleek and elegant, with some also being specifically designed for wheelchair users, or for two people to travel together. They are packed with safety features making them an ideal choice for those with an increasing level of need.