One of the benefits of modern domestic lifts is the versatility of where they can be installed around the home. Different home lifts have varying installation requirements, and the knowledgeable professionals at Home Lift Experts are perfectly placed to work with customers to help them decide on the best location within the home for their new through the floor domestic lift.

The best modern home lifts are built to be as compact as possible, often with a footprint only marginally larger than the inside space of the lift, and, unlike traditional lifts, many do not need extra space for engine rooms. This, combined with the state-of-the-art technology on which they run, means that there are a huge range of options for where home lifts can be installed to best serve the homeowner.

Standard locations

For many who are buying a home lift for mobility purposes, often the chosen location is from main living space travelling up to master bedroom. This has the advantage of making getting up in the morning and going to bed at night as simple as possible. Lifton home lifts, with their extremely compact size and dual vertical rail technology, are ideal for this location as they take up the smallest amount of room and do notrequire a supporting wall. The added bonus with a Lifton lift being that when in the downstairs position, they disappear from the upstairs room almost entirely.


Those choosing a lift to add glamour to the home generally install it pride of place in the main entrance hall travelling up to the landing. As well as being a conversation starter with visitors, one benefit of this is that all the rooms tend to be easily accessed from the hall, so it often does not alter the layout of the home. Homeowners with a larger hall and a free wall on which to install it, might opt an Artico domestic lift, which, with its stunning, customisable ‘design wall’ feature, was created to be a showstopper and real talking point.

Pure convenience

Many customers install a home lift to make life easier and more comfortable. For example, those with underground parking may struggle to bring the groceries up to the kitchen from the car, or some might want a lift to make transporting the laundry around the home more convenient. Stiltz domestic lifts are incredibly adaptable and can fit into even the smallest of spaces and

are therefore often chosen by customers who wish to have a home lift in a discreet corner, or even travel from closet to closet.

Unusual locations

Often customers are looking to install a home lift to solve a particular problem within their own home. Those in split level accommodation might find they need a unique and compact way to reach a mezzanine floor, a customer may want an easy way to get to a new loft conversion, or a homeowner might need easier access to a cellar room. For each of these more uncommon circumstances, there is a domestic lift to suit, and the experts at Home Lift Experts are able to advise on the lift which would be the best fit.