At Home Lift Experts we have supported thousands of customers through their home lift journey and our experienced panel of experts is always available to discuss any technical, aesthetic or pricing related queries.

As part of our customer commitment, we have provided some useful questions and answers to help you make your decision on the best domestic lift solution below.

  1. Will a domestic lift help me to live in my home for longer?

Absolutely. Some of our customers have avoided downsizing and moving into a care home as a result of installing a safe and compliant home lift.

Funding is often available, and customers tell us that is the best investment that they have ever made. Installing a lift allows you to stay in the home you love and gives you access all areas, as you have always have, forever.

“I’ve lived in this house for 52 years and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.” – Jane Seppings

  1. Is a domestic lift suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes, there are several companies with specific designs for wheelchair users, such as Lifton Home Lifts and Stiltz Home Lifts. What make these two lifts especially popular is that they are also beautifully made and designed – a far throw from the old, clinical-looking domestic lifts.

The Stiltz Trio Home Lift is very efficient and even has a thru-car option meaning you can enter and leave the lift on different sides without the need to turn. Having a home lift means you also do not need to keep a wheelchair upstairs and downstairs anymore.

“All the stress of worrying about getting upstairs has gone. I no longer have to rely on anyone to help me.” Aaron Morgan

  1. How much space do I need?

Customers are often surprised how little space is needed to fit a lift into an area of space in your home.

With a compact footprint as small as 1046mm x 765mm, our domestic lifts are compact and discrete. We have had customers install in hallways, main living rooms, behind cupboard doors – and even in the larder space!

“Having the lift has improved my quality of life immeasurably and has enabled me to get my independence back. I’m just glad it was possible to get the lift installed in such a small space but it’s absolutely brilliant and I’d certainly recommend Stiltz without hesitation!” – Maurice Allen


  1. How easy is it to install a home lift?

If you have an urgent need, a home lift is often the right decision for many families as most  lifts arrive in modules and build up quickly into place with only a small opening in the ceiling required.


If you opt for a Stiltz Home Lift or a Lifton Home Lift, once your lift is in place it plugs straight into a regular domestic socket for power with no additional space needed for noisy machinery as the motor is integrated discreetly into the roof of the lift. No load bearing wall is required as both the Stiltz and the Lifton move freely up and down on their own freestanding stilts. A standard retrofit installation takes a rapid, 1-2 days to complete.

“I needed a lift installing urgently into our home as my husband had taken seriously ill. I was given a great service during a particularly worrying period. He’s better now but overall, a great decision to have it installed and it’s future-proofed our home.”  Mrs Young via Trustpilot

  1. Will a home lift make my home unattractive?

At Home Lift Experts we only recommend home lifts which have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to offer an attractive and stylish enhancement to any home.

In addition to a sleek and elegant finish, our lifts are also very quiet and smooth when in motion, for a very pleasant travel experience between floors.

Our range of lifts are also versatile with some built to arrive in modules, allowing us to fit in them into otherwise inaccessible spaces for maximum convenience. We can also ask the installation team to install your lift into a cupboard space or have it in pride of place – the choice is yours.

“What won us over to a domestic lift, was its beautiful, compact design – light years away from both those unsightly stairlifts and the bulky, square and claustrophobic lifts you sometimes find in shopping centres or offices.” – Tony Hamilton