Traditionally it has been older generations who look to install domestic lifts within their homes, although current trends show that this is now starting to change, with a reported uplift of younger customers investing in these types of products. This increase appears to be related to a number of factors and the professionals at Home Lift Experts look at the top five reasons younger customers are choosing to install lifts in their homes.

  1. Making the home easier to navigate

Architects working on home renovation projects are increasingly including home lifts in their plans. The reason is that having more than one way to access the upper floors makes the home easier to navigate, especially in larger homes. Perhaps not so relevant for older people who tend to live as couples or alone, for younger parents living in busy households with growing children, having more routes around the home can also make the home a calmer and quieter space, with less traffic on the stairs.

  1. Futureproofing

Increasing numbers of younger people are looking to the future and making adaptations to their homes now which will help them when they are older. This is known as future-proofing. It is mostly carried out by younger people who have bought their ‘forever home’ and are renovating it to suit their ongoing family needs. Installing a home lift is an ideal future-proofing measure for lots of reasons: modern domestic lifts are designed to look like part of the home, rather than an unsightly mobility addition such as a stairlift; home lifts are convenient even for people without mobility issues; and an elevator in the home is a useful addition through all stages of a growing family’s life.

  1. Adding a wow-factor

Young homeowners are aware of the value of their properties and are often keen to make the most of their investment, as well as having a home they are proud of and enjoy living in. Alongside the ever-popular property renovations such as extending kitchens to create large family rooms, new bathrooms and loft conversions, the modern renovator is looking at adding features with a wow-factor to make their home the very best it can be. With an elegant and stylish home lift from Lifton for example, installed in the hallway, no one can fail to impress their visitors.

  1. Accessibility

An obvious benefit to having a home lift is how accessible it makes the home. Although surprisingly this might not be the top reason younger people give for installing a home elevator, it cannot be denied that accessibility is a huge bonus in lots of ways. Sometimes a household member has a temporary mobility issue; a broken leg, a bad back, or a short illness which makes it difficult to manage the stairs. In these instances, having a home lift takes away the stress of not being mobile. Having an accessible home is also perfect for when elderly guests come to stay, or for visitors with disabilities.

  1. The ultimate modern-convenience

The term ‘modern-convenience’ fells like it harks back to the 50s when washing machines and vacuum cleaners were making strides in technological development, and the 80s when the microwave oven was the new must-have home appliance. Of course, these technologies have now become basic requirements in any house. Whilst the concept of a lift in public buildings has been around since the 1880s, it is only the recent advances in technology that have made home lifts the compact, safe and affordable option they now are, making them a great choice for younger people wishing to have a more convenient lifestyle.