The latest home lifts have been designed using state-of-the-art technology to make them practical and affordable for almost every home. Customers choose a domestic lift because they are discreet, compact, and elegant and fit into the décor of the most beautifully designed properties. Modern home lifts are small yet spacious enough to carry a person comfortably between floors, and some lifts can take a wheelchair or two people.

However, one of the first questions many customers ask is, ‘how safe is a home lift?’ This question is understandable as the domestic lift is often being purchased to remove the hazard of climbing the stairs, and sometimes for use by someone with mobility and other difficulties.

The answer is reassuring; in the domestic lifts we recommend, safety is paramount. Each home lift has been designed with safety as the top priority and has a full range of safety features built in as standard.

Here at Home Lift Experts, we list some of the features of modern home lift brands Stiltz and Lifton, which are implemented to make the lifts as safe as possible.

Top & Bottom Safety Pans
To ensure the home lift cannot be used when there is an object in its path either above or below the lift there are built-in obstruction sensors to the lift covers. This means the domestic lift can detect objects obstructing its way, causing it to immediately stop.

Safety Lid Plug
When a lift is in the downstairs position it essentially ‘disappears’ from the room upstairs. The safety lid plug is the feature which plugs the aperture in the floor when the lift is downstairs, and it is strong enough to stand on. To blend in with the upstairs décor, the original flooring can be placed on top.

Hold-To-Run Controls
To operate a home lift the user must apply constant pressure to the controls. This means that the user has complete control over the movement of the lift.

Half Height Light Curtain
This sensor is to prevent the home lift from moving whilst there is an obstruction in the way of the door. The sensor is situated at the entrance of the domestic lift which if crossed while in motion will cause the lift to immediately stop.

Weight Limit Sensors
Although home lifts are able to carry weights beyond that which is usually required of them, the weight limit senor detects anything exceeding the weight limit for the lift and so will stop travel.

Out Of Balance Sensors
If for any reason the domestic lift is out of balance, safety sensors will detect this and prevent the unit from travelling.

Key Switch Operation
This is an override feature which allows the home lift to be isolated if the need arises. This feature is most often used when going away on holiday or when small children are around.

Fall Arrest Mechanism
This system, patented by Stiltz Home Lifts, prevents the car from falling in the unlikely event of the steel ropes going slack.

Emergency Stop Button
This button clearly accessible to the lift user for emergency use.