When mobility declines for any reason – be that age, illness or an accident – and access around the home becomes difficult, the stairs are notoriously the most problematic area of the house. If climbing the stairs is impossible or dangerous the whole of the upstairs of the home can become off-limits, which often involves needing to create bedrooms downstairs in living areas and can be limiting for the entire household.

However, by installing a motorised stairlift or domestic lift the upstairs can remain in use, and many people are choosing to future-proof their home by installing such devices in advance of any mobility issues. The main question faced by those in this position is: ‘which is better: a stairlift or home lift?’ and here, at the Homelift Experts, we have put together the top five benefits a home lift offers over a stairlift.

  1. Neat and discreet

The most notable difference between a home lift and stairlift has to be in their appearance. A stairlift is a fold out chair attached to rails fitted around the walls of the stairs. These devices are often cumbersome and medical-looking, and by their nature detract from the décor of the hallway.

In complete contrast, modern domestic lifts are designed to be as sleek and elegant as possible, with attractive, subtle downlighting and clear panelling. They use the latest technology to ensure they have the smallest possible footprint, meaning this type of home lift can be discreetly installed in even the smallest of spaces, the centre of a stairwell, the corner of a room or even a cupboard.

  1. Perfect for future proofing

For those planning ahead for when mobility becomes a challenge, a domestic lift is the perfect choice. Unlike a stairlift which is impractical to use for anyone other than those will a disability, the benefits of a home lift can be enjoyed by all. Rather than blocking the stairs, a residential lift offers another route to the upper floor, and can be used not just for transporting people, but also washing, luggage and other heavy and bulky items. A home lift is ideal for those with young children and for busy households, meaning it can earn its keep through all life stages.

  1. Added wow factor

A common concern for those future-proofing their homes is that adaptation will devalue the home. It has been shown that the addition of a stairlift can be off-putting to future buyers. However, homes where a home lift has been installed can have the opposite effect, helping to show a home’s full potential, and giving it a memorable wow-factor that is both exclusive and practical.

  1. Safety first

One of the biggest benefits of a home lift over a stairlift is safety. A stairlift requires the user to manoeuvre and buckle into the seat, before travelling the height of the stairs, and then climb out of it again on the landing which means that not only is it a slow and laboured process, but there are also potential risks at each stage. With a home lift, however, the user simply steps or wheels into place and travels between floors smoothly at the touch of a button. On top of this, modern domestic lifts are fitted with a full range of safety features and sensors to ensure that they are hazard-free.

  1. Hassle-free installation

Something which might put off potential home lift buyers is the idea of installation. However, a Stiltz home lift or Lifton home lift take one hassle-free day to install, and minimal disruption. Our dedicated team of installers then complete the work by constructing the lift in situ, and finishing the build and electrics work, leaving the lift ready to go in no time at all.