The wheelchair is used by an estimated 1.2 people in the UK. When a wheelchair user has access to the features of an indoor home lift it enhances the opportunity to live an independent and productive home life.

You may sometimes need others to assist you, but as a wheelchair user in the home, the more control you have of your environment, the more confidence you have in your life.

Being productive also means being efficient, and solid domestic home lift technology ensures you are never confined to only one area of your home.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of investing in a Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Home Lift.


The average cost of a Stiltz home lift in the UK can vary anywhere between £15,000 and £20,000, depending on the homelift model chosen.

You can choose the standard retrofit or you can customise your design with additional options or features.

Every installation process begins with a free of charge home visit so our friendly team can assess your needs and provide an accurate quote for your specific requirements.


Gone are the days of clunky, medical looking wheelchair lifts. The Stiltz Trio combines its high-tech functionality with a customer first approach, meaning every lift has to be designed to look great in the home environment. It has to blend with its surroundings and be something the homeowner is proud to see every day.

With all of this in mind, every lift is ergonomically designed, has a compact footprint and comes in a neutral colourway to blend effortlessly with your home décor.


With the Stiltz Trio, you can also choose to have ‘thru car’ option which allows the user to enter and exit at both sides. This special feature is particularly useful if the room configuration is different upstairs to downstairs and it also means no more tricky manoeuvring.

The Trio includes as standard a smooth ramp, easy controls and you will never need to store a spare chair upstairs again. LED lights in the ceiling and floor of the lift cab enable you to enjoy the benefits the lift has to offer during the day and after dark.


Our customers tell us that they use their lifts every single day and it has dramatically enhanced their quality of life. Some couples tell us that one takes the stairs whilst the other uses their home lift and they both arrive at the same time.

Other customers tell us they can comfortably invite elderly relatives over to stay knowing they do not need to worry about the stairs. All say that installing a home lift gives them freedom and independence.

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