It is a common misconception when thinking about home lifts that a lot of space will be needed and that installing a domestic lift simply is not possible in an average sized home, let alone a smaller property.

Many families looking to install a home lift for older relatives mistakenly assume that if the home is a small one, then options are limited to either relocating their family member to a single storey house, or perhaps having a stairlift put in. Neither of these options may be ideal in terms of happiness, comfort and peace of mind.

However, this is not necessarily the case; there are options on the market which mean a home lift could indeed be exactly the right solution for a smaller home.

Home Lift Experts are one of the leading specialists in the UK market and are perfectly placed to help identify a domestic lift that could work for you. Here we summarise the often-surprising facts that mean there are indeed home lift options for smaller properties.

A small footprint

The latest offerings in the home lift market mean that you can source a domestic lift that will fit into a smaller than average home with minimal disruption. The engineers at Stiltz Home Lifts have excelled in this area, having designed some of the most compact, slimline domestic lifts available. The Stiltz Duo+ Home Lift has a very small footprint and yet is large enough to carry two people with ease. In many homes this space can be found in an under used cupboard area, or within the existing stairwell space. Home Lift Experts will often identify an unexpectedly perfect siting for a home lift in a smaller home.

No need for a machine room

Thanks to state-of-the-art tech, Stiltz lifts run on two vertical rails, literally ‘stilts’ which mean that the lifts do not require a supporting wall. This would certainly be the case for traditional style hydraulic lifts. Equally there is no requirement for a separate adjacent machine room. Instead, the motor is carried neatly above the lift itself in a separate casing. Therefore, space requirements in your home beyond the lift itself are minimal. Lifton home lifts too, have a very neat footprint, and can be installed in surprisingly small spaces, even cupboard to cupboard.

Modular design

Whether your home has low ceilings, narrow hallways, limited access points; or even all three – this will not necessarily be a barrier to having the lift you dream of to make life easier. Modern lifts such as those from Stiltz – and Lifton – are delivered to be built on site, they have a modular design which is fully assembled within your home. This means all the constituent parts can be manoeuvred to get them into the property without fuss or disruption.

Minimal disruption

The process of installing a home lift itself is typically completed from start to finish within a day or two. Homeowners are not in the challenging situation of having whole areas of their homes entirely out of action while building work is undertaken. The floor area of the higher storey area is marked out and cut away to enable installation of the lift and once the process of building and installing the home lift on site is complete, the floor coverings can be replaced on what is essentially the ‘lid’ of the lift. Your home will be just as you like it, complete with its new compact, stylish addition.