At Home Lift Experts, we help our customers find the perfect home lift for their personal needs, type of property and budget, tailoring our recommendations to each customer’s unique requirements. Here, we look in more detail at one domestic lift manufacturer which consistently rises to the top of the list for many customers – the Stiltz Home Lift – and the features which mean it regularly proves to be one of the most popular choices. With two models to choose from, the Stiltz Duo+ designed to carry two people between floors, and the Stiltz Trio+ which can comfortably take a person using a standard wheelchair or walking frame, means there is a Stiltz lift to meet every need.


A notable benefit of the Stiltz home lift is that it is one of the most affordable lifts on the market, making it a great alternative to a stairlift and perfect for everyday living. Despite its reasonable price tag, the domestic lift is packed with all the features you would expect from a state-of-the-art piece of technology and is designed to be an attractive addition to the home to boot.


Stiltz Home Lifts run on parallel vertical rails which are attached top and bottom, meaning they are completely self-supporting and freestanding, and do not need to be bolted to a load-bearing wall. This ingenious design means that there is full flexibility as to where the lift could be installed around the home, offering multiple options such as hall to landing, lounge to bedroom, or cupboard to cupboard.

Compact design

Stiltz home lifts have a surprisingly small footprint, whilst being spacious enough within the cabin to travel in comfort. At just over a metre wide and only 74cm deep, covering just 0.55m² surface area., the Stiltz Duo+ is designed to fit in almost any space within even the most modest of homes. At 1.25m² surface area, the Stiltz Trio+ is one of the neatest home lifts suitable for wheelchair users. Part of what makes the lift so compact is the clever way its drive system is housed out of sight and out of the way, at the top of the lift car.

Electric power

Amazingly Stiltz lifts have an incredibly low power consumption, conveniently running off a standard domestic power point – and using less energy than a toaster. The advanced technology Stiltz has developed also means that the electric motor is whisper quiet when running, meaning it is one of the quietest domestic lifts on the market, making it a very easy to live with.

Easy installation

The engineers at Stiltz Lifts have also designed their lifts to ensure the installation process is as easy and hassle-free as possible. A typical installation within the home takes no longer than a single day, leaving the home lift in place and ready to use from day one.