With a huge array of domestic lifts on the market it can be difficult for customers to know which one to choose. At Home Lift Experts, we use our knowledge and experience to find the perfect lift for each customer, taking into account their preferences, needs and budget.

Here, we shine a light on one brand of domestic lift made popular due to its sense of luxury and style – the Lifton Home Lift. Known for being top-of-the-range, Lifton’s premium design makes it the lift of choice by discerning homeowners. There are two models to choose from; the LiftonDUO which is suitable for carrying two people, and the more spacious LiftonTRIO which can comfortably carry a wheelchair or up to three people. We take a look at the features and benefits that Lifton Home Lifts packs into their elegant domestic lifts.


Loved for how Lifton home lifts are minimalist, contemporary and with the highest specification, these through floor lifts are chosen by customers who want to add elegant luxury to their home. Beautifully built with quality in mind, a Lifton domestic lift is the perfect choice for those needing more mobility freedom around the home but who do not want to compromise on the style of their décor. Selected equally as a mobility solution or as a lifestyle-enhancing home upgrade, Lifton’s domestic lifts fit discreetly into the home, complementing any style be it contemporary or traditional.


As you would expect from any top-of-the-range product, Lifton home lifts put safety first and use state-of-the-art technology to give customers complete peace of mind. These domestic lifts have a full array of safety features including a ‘half height light curtain,’ as well as sensors to detect obstructions, weight limit and whether the car is off balance. If any sensor is triggered the lift will be unable to move. The home lifts include hold-to-run controls, key switch operation and an emergency stop button, all of which combine to put the user in complete control of every single journey.


Simple to use and effortless to run, Lifton lifts are designed to be as intuitive and convenient as can be. This is shown in the design of the car itself, with the lift floor aligning perfectly with the floor of the home, and user controls perfectly positioned for comfort. For added ease of use all Lifton domestic lifts include two remote controls as standard, with the option to buy more if needed.

Quiet and discreet

Lifton domestic lifts are known for their compact size and small footprint – being no larger than 1046mm x 765mm (0.55m2). This combined with their sleek and elegant shape means that visually they are discreet and able to blend into any room. What is less well known is that Lifton through floor lifts are extremely quiet whilst in operation. The brand uses an advanced wire rope hoist system concealed inside the top of the lift car which is safe, durable and whisper quiet. All of this ensures that a Lifton domestic lift does not draw attention to itself and means it fits in beautifully.

Installed almost anywhere

One of the benefits of having a very small footprint is that a Lifton domestic lift can fit into almost any space within the home, giving the owner choice over where to install their lift. The compact size combined with the self-supporting design – which means that the lift does not need to be attached to a load bearing wall – gives huge flexibility as to where the elevator can be installed. Popular options include from hallway to landing to really show the lift off, from lounge to bedroom for ultimate convenience, or even tucked away from closet to closet for those preferring a completely discreet look.