‘Mum absolutely loves her home lift and it has given her a new lease of life’

A 95-year-old woman is able to move around her home freely and independently again after having a home lift installed in the property.

Doris Rogers lives in a self-contained annex in Ipswich, Sussex, which her son, David, had added to his house above the garage. Doris’ home includes a bedroom, living room, wet room and galley kitchen.

David built a staircase inside the garage which provided access to the flat via its own front door so his mother had her own independent living space. A door was also added to the upstairs which connected with the flat so the son could gain access to his Mum’s flat quickly if needed.

But Doris began experiencing trouble with her legs and could no longer use the stairs. David looked at the option of adding a stairlift but it was not suitable and decided on adding a Stiltz Home Lift instead. A Stiltz lift is designed specifically for domestic use and because of its highly flexible, modular sections as well as a remarkably small footprint, it can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

On behalf of his mother, David was able to secure a Disabled Facilities Grant from the council to help with the costs of the purchase and installation of the lift.

David said: “I hadn’t heard of home lifts but when I read about them I thought they’d be perfect for Mum. I contacted the Council, they came to the house, looked at Mum’s situation and said we would be eligible for a grant. We were delighted.”

Because a Stiltz lift is freestanding and does not use hydraulics or have a need for supporting walls, installation was quick, simple and cost effective. The entire process took a couple of days.

David added: “We had the lift installed very quickly. The staircase in the garage was removed and the lift slotted into its place. It couldn’t have been easier. Mum absolutely loves her lift. It has given her a whole new lease of life.”

I hadn’t heard of home lifts but when I read about them I thought they’d be perfect for Mum

David Rogers